My name is Mark Ritthaler and I live in California. K am 35 years old and didn't even try weed until I was 26 years old. I am a carpenter that has had two major back surgeries and marijuana helps with a my issues. In fact I Haven't taken pain meds since I started using marijuana. There are tons of strains Available, but Indica is what makes my muscles relax and nerves stop hurting. I use marijuana every day and still run a very successful life. I would encourage people to look into nature's cure before being prescribed a pill or pills that may cause severe side affects. I hope everyone looks forward to seeing, reading and hearing the latest buzz from a booming industry. Peace, love and joy. P.s. Remember smiles aRe contagious😀

I have been in drug policy reform since I started using cannabis at the age of 13. For more than half of my life, I have been reading, creating talking points, and mobilizing people to end the racist war on drugs. I restarted the Students for Sensible Drug Policy Chapter at CU Boulder in 2011 and directed it for 5 years; I oversaw dozens of volunteers with Amendment 64, created the first Cannabis Symposium, and laid the foundation of success for generations of students to come. Although, my focus has traditionally been on cannabis, the leading profit motive for the racist war on drugs, I have recently founded the Psychedelic Club of Denver and am working closely with national Psychedelic Club staff in Boulder, CO. Let's do work, get a hold of me at

I am a vegan spiritualist who is passionate about spreading peace and loving kindness throughout humanity and depleting mainstream prescription drugs. I have been a medical cannabis user for 6 years and it has helped me through much pain as well as boosting my creativity. I am a rapper and a poet, and I love making people smile through the message in my lyrics.

Yale graduate (turned down Harvard), thousands of articles published as Technical Writer with specialty in medical, pharmaceutical, and cannabis. Reported on clinical trials, industry news, and the regulatory environment in the U.S. and worldwide. Cannabis writing on: and Excellent research skills and compilation of evidence into comprehensive articles that translate difficult concepts for the lay reader. 7 years of full-time technical writing B.A. in American Studies, Yale University Additional experience in technology, business, and real estate. Able to write with a formal or scientific tone or more conversationally, depending on client's direction. Easy to work with; you'll feel comfortable as I am personable and flexible.

Janisha is 22 years old, a mommy, cannabis activist and a freelance blogger based in New Jersey. She specializes in informing, inspiring, and keeping it real.

Hey I'm Katie, I'm currently pregnant and have ton of experience in the industry from the medical world of it, making bath products with CBD, to working as a budtender for the new legal world of it all. I'm always in search of new things to learn when it comes to such a benefitical plant.

Happy benevolent adventurer manifesting medicine & honored host to grand venues of service and love. Previously an author for the CannaBiz Journal in southern Washington. Innagural founding host of Boise Hempfest Inc. Stage emcee of Seattle Hempfest, Moscow Hemp Fest, and national cannabis volunteer. Words are my service and my medicine for all.

Hi! I am 24 years old. A cancer. Was diagnosed with narcolepsy in 2010 and have been on Adderall ever since, unfortunately. I have been a cannabis smoker for about 6 years. I am ready to get into this industry ASAP, I live in TN and recreational nor medical is legal yet. I attended Florida A&M University for 2 years, and I am now a Entrepreneur with my own clothing brand called PIT for Pain is Temporary.

I am a graduate of an accredited journalism program with a B.A. in journalism and a concentration in digital and print writing. However I have experience and interest in almost every form of media. I’ve done everything from radio to broadcast to photography, but writing will always be my first love. Although I do not have much experience in an actual dispensary I do have a lot of cannabis knowledge due to my experience writing about and of course smoking it. I have been writing about marijuana news since college. I have also written several related blog post and articles for various digital platforms, including Slant News, The Examiner,, and Marijuana has been an amazing treatment for my anxiety disorder, it's truly life changing. It has been fascinating to watch the conversation about marijuana and this industry grow over the past few years and I enjoy being a part of it.

While I am a medical Marijuana patient in Oregon I am also a full time mom. I am proud to be a cannabis supporting parent who loves to photograph all forms of Marijuana, from flower to concentrates and even edibles. Just let me know what you are looking for and I will do what I can to find the product or strain and get you the photos and details about it that you need.

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