I currently do cannabis specific research and my goal is to educate others on growing, dosages, edibles and new and exciting products and methods of consumption. Peace

My name is Jessica Gorsline, I've been a freelance novelist for five years now and I've published one E-book and multiple on-going books on various websites. I am currently under contract with a writing app for freelance writers like myself, cannabis culture and creative writing go hand in hand and I would love to become a part of your cannabis content curators!

Amber Faust is a freelance writer, content developer, and editor who specializes in natural lifestyle pieces, cannabis culture, and sociopolitical commentary. Amber is a lifelong activist for social justice and environmental issues who lives in beautiful San Francisco. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, painting, drumming, meditation, and yoga.

WHETHER YOU'RE HEALING THE SICK OR STARTING THE PARTY, ONLY YOU HAVE YOUR STORY. IT'S WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM THE COMPETITION. LET'S TELL IT! I’ve told the stories of all kinds of people seeking to advance their businesses, organizations, careers and causes. I've worked primarily as a copywriter in music and lifestyle marketing, but lately I find particular inspiration in the intrepid souls making their way in the fledgling cannabis industry. That’s why my current clients are a family of farmers growing “beyond organic” flower, a nonprofit advocating for federal prisoners doing life for marijuana-related offenses, a “potcaster” whose mission is to explain how cannabis can change your life and a pioneering wholesaler of branded dispensary products. What kind of brand storytelling can I do for YOUR cannabis company?

A London-born, cutting-edge marijuana content marketing expert with a specialty in CBD (cannabidiol).

Michael is a marketing and creative content specialist at GotVape.com with primary focus on customer satisfaction. Technology and fitness combined healthy lifestyle obsession are his main talking points

A London-born journalist with a penchant for cannabis. A firm believer that CBD is changing the landscape of cannabis. Doing my best to change perceptions in the UK and abroad.


Hello! I'm Jed, a licensed physical therapist and medical cannabis writer. I have been a freelance medical writer for almost a decade now, with focus on medical cannabis - the endocannabinoid system and its functions, THC and CBD, medical disorders and how cannabinoids control their symptoms, terpenes, etc. I don't just write about medical cannabis just for the sake of writing about it, but I enjoy (and love!) this topic. The medicinal potentials of cannabis never fail to amaze me, and I love sharing these info with readers. 🙂

Digital Marketing Expert, Social Media Marketing Enthusiast, Chemical Engineer, SEO Specialist, Graphic Designer, Creative Content Writer I have studied at NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, pursuing the degree of Polymer Engineering. I was employed at clothing brand Image by Tri-Star Polyester Ltd., as web content manager. Right now, I am working as web content manager at IT company Comtelplc. My background in web content writing roots back to 4 years ago when I started working as a freelance writer. The variety of articles that I have written remotely have helped me developing numerous skills, as well as an understanding of common issues of this domain. Also, I have been working online for a long time so have become very handy with social media management skills which suits perfect for the job. Currently, I am working as blogger for an Indian entertainment website and software house 'The Engineering Projects' and also have blog www.thedigitales.com and also worked a traveling website Likewise, I am gifted in programming advancements alongside taking workshops for learning software like Photoshop, Minitab and MS Office etc, and have been dealing with a few dialects. Aside from NED college, I am selected in Mobile and Cloud Computing at Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology.

Priyanka Madhusudan An Earnest blogger| Digital Marketing Sceptic | Content Fanatic | Experimental Cook. If I am not typing away at my computer, then I might just be catching up on the latest book or exploring a new city. I think there is nothing that cannot be explained in words, so writing is much more than a passion!

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