My name is Thaston Riklon. I am native to the Marshall Islands in the middle of Micronesia. I grew up in Seattle and now reside in Eugene Oregon. My passions include social justice activism, freelance photography, poetry, and pacific island reggae music. During the day I am self employed landscaper and shuttle driver for my two boys, and at night I work the back door for music venues usually reggae tue-sat. Cannabis has always been an extremely fascinating topic of discussion for me. Bringing the topic up in some groups get total ignorance, and the flip side it being all they every talk about. Because of today's mass media, the plant has received numerous recognition and awards not only in the stoner world, but also in fuel, fiber, food, and medicines. For generations the same mass media literally instilled fear into the minds of countless youth not only in america, but on a global scale. I would like to shed light and spread the truth behind too many years of false science and negative stigmas surrounding the roots of our sacred mama kali. Through this I would like to see more empowering and uplifting stories about the sacred plant being transformed into something good for all of humanity. Because I know its possible. So let me get this straight, we know that cannabis, the plant, IS an abundant resource. Why the frack? Thaston

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