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Cannabis Content is a marketplace designed to teach cannabis enthusiasts how to develop valuable content then sell it online. We encourage our contributors to write about the things they love and help them put value where it belongs. As a result, we harbor strong cannabis contributors in a reliable location so cannabis businesses can always find — and purchase — fresh, relevant content for their inbound marketing purposes.

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Meet our team of dedicated cannabis copywriters eager to develop high-quality web content for your cannabis business.

Abby Hash

Abby is a freelance cannabis writer and regular contributor to publications like Pot Guide, CannaPages, Ganjapreneur, and many more.


High! I'm Brin, an experieced content creator & marketer based in Austin, Texas. Formerly Director of Marketing for a nightlife...


Rachelle is a Minneapolis-based writer and dog enthusiast. She has been writing on cannabis topics for several years and was...


Donna is a freelance academic writer and blogger. She is a pharmacist by profession and occasionally researches, writes, and educates...


Cannabis Branding Group founder Bradley Turner is a longtime cannabis advocate, branding and entrepreneurship aficionado, and Army veteran. He has...


Hello! I'm Chelsye a stay at home mom of 2 girls. Just turned 28 living in the beautiful state of...

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How to Make a Customized Lighter?

Never lose your lighter to a sneaky pocket again. Learn how to use our business cards to make DIY custom lighters.

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In this technological age, more people are choosing to shop online than in traditional, brick-and-mortar stores. This is especially true of the vaping community, which tends to consist primarily of…


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