CannabisContent is a Marketplace designed to help cannabis enthusiasts become expert writers in the marijuana industry. Whether you’re a freelance writer looking for cannabis industry jobs or a cannabis business professional looking for high-quality, SEO content for your website, we’ll help you find what you need to succeed.

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Cannabis Business Marketing Professionals

Custom, Targeted Content

Order custom, target content to connect with your readers and establish authority among the competition as part of your cannabis business marketing strategy.

Expert Writer Pool

Our team of cannabis writers consists of various-level experts covering all areas of the cannabis industry including cultivation, health, culture, and politics.

Budget-Friendly Services

Prices are based on the writer you choose and deadlines are based on the length of your project to help you find the content you need as quickly and affordably as possible.


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Cannabis Writers and Industry Job Seekers

Work From Home Opportunity

No matter where you are or what your schedule, you can be a freelance cannabis writer. This work from home opportunity is perfect for students, seniors, parents, and professionals eager to make money in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Industry Experience

Our platform for cannabis writers provides a great introduction to cannabis industry employment. The experience you gain here can help you land official cannabis industry jobs in the future, too!

Monthly Payout

All you need to earn a monthly payout from Cannabis Content is a PayPal account and the drive to produce quality content for your clients. Track earnings and modify your account directly from your personal dashboard.


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Our Cannabis Industry Clients

“We’ve been using Cannabis Content for over a year now. They are very knowledgeable about cannabis and the industry in general. The articles are well structured and well written, and deadlines have always been met.”

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