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Cannabis search optimization is an affordable and effective way to market your cannabis or hemp business to a target audience. Optimizing your cannabis business website for search engines helps you rank better — and longer — for search queries related to your business. Best of all, cannabis search optimization can help your business overcome the daunting advertising restrictions inherent in cannabis business advertising.

Cannabis Industry Advertising Restrictions

Nothing comes easy when it comes to the cannabis industry. Marketing for cannabis companies is certainly no exception. For example, cannabis businesses cannot purchase advertising space through most search engines (i.e. the search engines people actually use), nor can they purchase ads or place job listings on many social media platforms. Not only that, but cannabis companies often find themselves suddenly banned from social platforms altogether leaving thousands of followers lost on their latest business developments.

This unfortunate headache has forced many cannabis businesses to resort to alternative forms of advertising. Many purchase ads or classified listings on cannabis-specific platforms or get clever with website copy to avoid getting flagged by the internet police. Fortunately, there is another solution that is both affordable and effective, with an ROI that compounds as the strategy advances. This miraculous marketing strategy: cannabis search optimization.

Digital Marketing and SEO-Friendly Content

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy based in a digital environment. This includes television ads, digital displays, mobile applications, and online platforms. Given the digital nature of most interactions, this form of marketing is obviously very beneficial.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a subset of digital marketing. SEO’s primary focus is to make a company’s business or website easy to find online. It relies on many different elements such as keywords and links to help search engines determine the site’s credibility and relevance. Indeed, SEO is integral to cannabis search optimization.

Though SEO is a timely process, the payoff is well worth it. According to Oracle, content marketing strategies like SEO earn three times more leads than paid ads. What’s more, content marketing generates conversions rates that are an average six times higher than paid ads. It’s no wonder SEO and content creation are the top two priorities in most digital marketing strategies.

An Affordable and Effective Solution to Cannabis Ad Restrictions

Cannabis businesses, in particular, benefit from SEO and content marketing strategies. Cannabis businesses are, unfortunately, barred from many of the most traditional marketing practices. However, they can still reach a global audience through an effective SEO strategy. Not only that, but the audience that cannabis search optimization brings in will more likely be part of the company’s target demographic.

By promoting a company’s website with SEO-friendly content, there is no need to rely on restricted marketing practices. Rather than vying for the attention of prospective buyers against countless competitors, content marketers can bring their hottest leads directly into their online environment.

Special Considerations for Cannabis Search Optimization

Cannabis search optimization is the first step in terms of marijuana marketing. However, it’s not as easy as buying a domain and filling it with your favorite keywords. In addition to SEO best practices, you must also follow marijuana marketing best practices, as well. This will help to avoid penalties like site suspension or federal fines.

For example, companies must never make medical claims about products or services. Even if there is ample research indicating as much, the FDA has not approved cannabis or any of its derivatives as a medical commodity or a dietary supplement. Therefore, instead of making claims like “cannabis kills cancer,” writers should stick with something more neutral. An example may sound something like this:

“Sources suggest that cannabis compounds may reduce the size and spread of cancer.”

Don’t forget to reference the source making the claim. Refer to the hyperlink in the previous sentence as an example.

Sharing to Social Media

To gain the largest reach, you must share your content with a wide audience. Social media is a great avenue through which to share blog posts. However, never promote a sale relating to cannabis products or services. If your site does sell something cannabis-related, consider sharing a short link to a landing page instead of to the site itself. This is the best way to ensure your cannabis search optimization won’t backfire later.

Businesses must also remember to update and publish new content regularly. One great way to ensure consistent content is to add a comment section. Moreover, they should encourage users to engage with it by asking open-ended questions at the close of each post. Though user-generated content (UGC) removes a degree of control over your site’s content, the payoff — reader engagement — is usually worth it. Of course, you may need a spam blocker to keep bots in check.

Final Thoughts Regarding Cannabis Search Optimization

Cannabis search optimization is a great way to attract hot leads, improve brand visibility, and dodge messy cannabis advertising restrictions. The most important step to an effective cannabis strategy is to regularly publish search optimized content for your cannabis business. Contact us to learn how we can help you secure a steady stream of SEO-friendly cannabis content.

Do you have tips for an effective cannabis search optimization strategy? Share them with our readers below.


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