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From Freelance Cannabis Writer to Master Grower;

Seven Unique Ways to Work in Weed
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Freelance cannabis writer is only one of many potential jobs in the cannabis industry. Indeed, the cannabis industry is a fast-growing field and it demands help in a number of areas. In fact, there are many sectors in which one could find well-paying, exciting work in the cannabis industry regardless of education level. Examples of cannabis industry jobs may include anything work at home freelance cannabis writers to scientific lab technicians that require advanced degrees in things like biology and chemistry.

For those looking to work in weed, there has never been a better time to join. Below are some unique ways you can work in the weed biz depending on experience, passion, and educational background.

Work in the Cannabis Industry with a High School Diploma 

Many marijuana jobs are location-specific, as it is not yet legal everywhere. However, there are many remote cannabis jobs that only require a high school diploma (or equivalent). We’re particularly partial to cannabis writers and creatives, as they fill a major need by nearly every cannabis, hemp, or CBD business.

Freelance Cannabis Writers

A freelance cannabis writer can earn anywhere from ten to forty cents a word on average. This job requires more than a computer and a few extra minutes, though. Writers must have a strong command of language; pride themselves on thorough, accurate research; and consistently meet deadlines. Though it certainly takes patience, dedication, and skill, freelance cannabis writers can make excellent money in the marijuana industry and can use their experience to launch themselves in nearly any direction they choose.

Sales Associate

Sales Associates provide guidance and education to customers and leads throughout all stages of the buyer journey. Though some serve the general population, many work directly with patients regarding their specific medical marijuana needs. Indeed, health and money tend to be most people’s primary concerns, so this job requires not only knowledge about the strains and products, but also kindness, and empathy.

In this customer-oriented position, associates must remain professional by maintaining patient records and confidentiality at all times. This is an entry-level position that earns anywhere from $9-$17 an hour.


Packagers hold an incredibly important position in the cannabis industry. They must ensure proper packaging at all times according to company standards. Packagers may have to submit to a background check depending on the company as well as state and local laws.  With the incongruous state and federal laws, packagers must be more meticulous than many other positions.

Those with experience in warehouses can easily transfer their skills to a cannabis packager position.  This entry-level position pays from $12 to $16 an hour with plenty of room for advancement.

Marijuana Jobs with a College Degree 

Positions like freelance cannabis writer or marijuana packagers are only the beginning. For those with more extensive educational backgrounds, these positions may be a better fit.

Extraction Technician

While a degree in chemistry, engineering, biochemistry, or a related field isn’t required, it is preferred for an Extraction Technician job in the marijuana industry. Extraction technicians extract cannabinoids, terpenes, and other valuable components from the cannabis plant to make oils, hashish, and other forms of marijuana concentrate.

Extraction technician jobs require extreme attention to detail and a firm understanding of science. Cleanliness and consistency are also paramount considering that it takes place in a sanitary laboratory environment. Past detail-oriented experience is a valuable skillset for this cannabis industry job.

An entry-level extraction technician position can bring in anywhere from $20k-$40k per year, while leadership positions may garnish upwards of $80,000.

Dispensary Manager

Dispensary Manager positions are best served with a business or communications degree. However, some employers require only a high school diploma. Retail experience is a plus as this is a very customer-oriented job. Dress, language, and overall comportment must be professional in this role.

The workload of a dispensary manager is much more complex than that of a retail store manager. They interact with law enforcement, vendors, customers, and employees, many of whom use the products. They must also hire and train budtenders and maintain quality control on all incoming and outgoing products. Quality assurance jobs or managerial jobs easily transfer to a dispensary manager position.

Depending on experience, dispensary managers can make anywhere from $50,000-$150,000 annually.

Ph.D. Roles in the Cannabis Industry

Advanced degrees hold a lot of power in the cannabis industry. Though doctoral degrees are highly sought after in a freelance cannabis writer, they will go much farther in one of the following positions.

Master Grower

Master Grower is, quite possibly, the Holy Grail of many cannabis industry job searches. While it is possible to procure employment as a master cannabis grower with only a Bachelor’s degree, those with advanced agricultural degrees are preferred.

Profound knowledge of plants and horticulture is vital to a master grower position, as is knowledge of cannabis in particular. Of particular appeal is a strong history involving the development of quality cannabis crops, especially if the history spans at least seven to ten years or more.

A good master grower can make up to $200,000 annually.

Director of Research

A Director of Research position requires at minimum a Master’s Degree in business. However, most companies prefer a Ph.D. for these jobs. Business, communication, finance, or research tend to take precedence over other degrees when hiring for this position.

The Director of Research often serves as a liaison between the company and the investors. As such, grant-writing experience is valuable, as well. Research Directors can make up to $185,000 annually.

Are You Ready to Work as a Freelance Cannabis Writer? 

There has never been a better time to work in the cannabis industry. Whether getting your start as a freelance cannabis writer or reaching for your ultimate dream job as a Master Grower, you can work in weed and you do it now.

Are you ready to work as a freelance cannabis writer? Register today to get started on your journey in the weed biz.

What marijuana industry job are you most interested in? Drop a comment below to keep the conversation going.



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