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"Royal Chem", "Chemdawg '91", "Deadhead OG" represented by chem bud

Royal Chem Strain Review

Cultivar Description and Ideal Growing Conditions
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Royal Chem Strain Description

Royal Chem is a calming hybrid born from Chemdawg ’91 and Deadhead OG. Her effects are very relaxing without making users feel groggy or forgetful. In fact, despite its more prominent indica tendencies, those who consume Royal Chem report a clear-headed, focused experience most of the time. Her characteristic flavors of diesel and citrus provide a good indication of her uplifting qualities while her creamy, earthy flavors give hint of a more sedative undertone.

Royal Chem is best reserved for early evening consumption as she tends to transition to her OG lineage quite abruptly. Users may feel invigorated at the jump but then find themselves lost in a sea of thought, unable to orient themselves toward solid ground.

Chemdawg ‘91

Chemdawg ’91 has a mysterious lineage, though it is believed to come from the original Chemdawg which is a cross between Thai and Nepalese landraces. ’91 is supposedly the year of this skunky strain’s birth, which most believe comes from some very talented U.S. East Coast breeders.

Chemdawg ’91 is most well-known for its strong diesel aromas and distinct citrus flavor. Chemdawg ’91 tends to boast a bold, sometimes harsh, exhale leading many to assume she comes from a Skunk line, as well. Indeed, it is her strong pinene profile that lends itself to Chemdawg 91’s strong, focused cerebral qualities.

When smoked, Chemdawg ’91 sets in quickly behind the eyes causing a mild pressure in some consumers, as well as an obvious reddening of the eyes. This — coupled with racing thoughts and mild memory problems — suggests that this strain be reserved for comfortable, private settings. Inhaling Chemdawg ’91 will also result in a mild numbing of the limbs. However, when consumed orally, these peripheral effects are much more pronounced.

Chemdawg ’91 is a challenge to grow for some, though the output is well worth it. In addition to its amazing bag appeal and generous trichome content, she tends to produce heavy, high-yielding buds, as well. Complete in 90 days or more, Royal Chem will bless those who have patience with incredible abundance.

Deadhead OG

Deadhead OG is a super potent sativa-dominant hybrid. Under optimal conditions, she can hit THC levels as high as 25 percent or more. This makes her especially appealing among experienced consumers or those with higher than average tolerance levels.

Deadhead OG is a favorite among medical users everywhere thanks to her powerful effects and classic OG flavor. She is best used to treat stress, pain, and insomnia. However, users who are prone to depression and sensitive to THC should use caution when consuming this powerful strain. Deadhead OG also tends to cause dry mouth and red eyes. Prepare for the experience with eye drops and fresh water when possible.

Under the most favorable conditions, Deadhead OG can produce high yields in around three months of total grow time. She reaches medium height which also makes her ideal for smaller setups like indoor hydroponics and aeroponics grows.

Final Thoughts About Royal Chem

Royal Chem is an amazing specimen hailing from parents Deadhead OG and Chemdawd ’91. She pulls the best qualities from each parent resulting in a heady high and a powerful body buzz. This strain is fun to grow and even better to consume.

Have you tried Royal Chem? Tell us about your experience.

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