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Marijuana Business Copywriting

8 Reasons Copywriting is So Important
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Marijuana business copywriting is more important than you might think. Website copy does so much more than encourage sales, and it’s ROI is almost unfathomable. For example, while most digital advertising channels charge companies based on things like website views, impressions, and clicks, on-page SEO copy brings the hottest leads straight to your company’s website for no more than the initial cost of the content. In other words, quality marijuana business copywriting never dies; rather, it improves with age.

Still not convinced your cannabis company needs a marijuana business copywriter? You’re about to be. Here are eight more reasons marijuana business copywriting is so important.

8 Reasons Marijuana Business Copywriting is So Important

Effective website copy must convey more than basic info about your company, products, and services. In fact, the most successful digital marketers use copywriters to produce and update content regularly – often weekly or more – to drive leads, boost sales, and improve their overall online presence. Here are a few reasons why great copy is great for business.

Increase Brand Visibility

Content can increase a brand’s visibility through things like email newsletters, social media posts, SEO-friendly blogs, and landing pages. Well-written content – especially content prone to comments and social shares – is one of the quickest and most effective ways to build brand recognition, which increases both sales and brand loyalty.

Build Relationships with Your Audience

Marijuana business copywriting is an excellent way to connect with your most valuable audience. It not only attracts valuable (hot) leads to a website, but also helps companies understand their audience and their most pressing needs. By tracking things like search terms and user-generated content (UGC), companies can gain a firm understanding of their audience and directly engage with them about the topics that matter to them most.

Foster Loyalty Among Customers and Prospects

By engaging with an audience – whether by publishing regular blogs, sending email newsletters, speaking with them on social media, or more – businesses build a camaraderie with the very people the company finds most valuable. On a worldwide platform, this connection is increasingly important. Those who are successful in online engagement encourage brand loyalty and, thus, many return customers. After all, why around for a product or service when a good friend already offers it? When companies nurture a connection with their audience, their audience will become loyal return customers.

Establish Yourself as an Expert Authority

People are bombarded with options every day. There are tens or even hundreds of similar products and services available at the touch of a button. Companies who want to stand out from the crowd must establish themselves as the best at what they do. Intimidating as it may sound, using marijuana business copywriting to build authority is actually quite simple, albeit a bit time-consuming. By publishing regular content about the topics most appealing to their target demographic, businesses can reinforce their brand as an authority, thereby increasing web traffic, social shares and mentions, and loyalty toward the company brand.

Generate Website Traffic

Website traffic is worth so much more than bragging rights. Specifically, every website visit represents a new opportunity. Whether it’s an opportunity to make a sale, build a reputation, or nourish a relationship, every time someone visits a website, there is a new opportunity to grow a business or a brand. When websites publish a steady stream of quality, relevant content, they increase impressions and clicks and attract the most qualified leads and visitors. This kind of high-quality website traffic is excellent for SEO as it proves relevance and credibility to a significant segment of people.

Guide Prospects Throughout The Entire Buyer Journey

Purchasing a product or service is only one facet of the buyer journey. In fact, there are three distinct steps to the buyer journey – awareness, consideration, and decision – and all three deserve close, targeted attention. When marijuana business copywriting addresses each step of the buyer journey, companies can reach a wider audience and develop a rapport with leads regardless of where they are in the buying process.

Provide Value to Hot Leads

Readers seek content that provides value. Those most likely to purchase a specific product or service want information that relates that product, service, or target audience. Quality cannabis content not only attracts the hottest leads but provides them with the value they already seek. High-quality cannabis copywriting should a question, solve a problem, provide expert advice, or entertain an eager audience. If it has value, website visitors will stick around – and hopefully share the content with their audience, as well.

Encourage Engagement and Community Involvement

Content is an excellent opportunity to build a community surrounding a brand. Forums, social interactions, and blog comments are all great ways to learn about the most prominent needs and concerns of a specific demographic and to connect those needs with the problem-solvers that can address them. Community engagement not only reaffirms a company’s dedication to its demographic but also promotes the free exchange of ideas between a company and its most active client base. Plus, search engines favor sites that publish content regularly and user-generated content (UGC) provides a steady stream of free content. Hence, UGC is great for SEO, too.

Final Thoughts About Marijuana Business Copywriting

All cannabis companies need content to promote their products or services. Because cannabis industry players face such scrutiny regarding permissible advertising avenues, quality cannabis content that speaks to a target audience may be the most important facet in an effective cannabis marketing strategy (aside from an awesome product or service, of course.

If your company needs copywriting services, Cannabis Content can help. We have numerous writers and cannabis creatives eager to produce valuable content for your marketing strategy. Check out our creator pool or contact us to learn more about our cannabis copywriting and creator platform. At Cannabis Content, weed love to help you succeed.


How is marijuana business copywriting most beneficial to your company or organization? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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