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Knife Hits Explained

Knife hits are a fun and easy way to vaporize cannabis and cannabis concentrates with minimal investment and only a few supplies. There’s no need to buy a loose-leaf vaporizer or a dab rig for concentrates. Using only a few butter knives, an appropraite burner, a DIY breathing tube and, of course, a little (very little) weed, you can vape your weed. Best of all, you only need a little cannabis to take knife hits effectively. Hence, knife hits are a great way to conserve product, improve flavor, and get really high doing it.

What Are Knife Hits?

A strong sense of nostalgia hits me every time someone asks: “what is hot knifing?”.  After all, back in the late 1990s, this smoking method was a common go-to for a few reasons: it saves money, tastes great, and was always a hit at parties! 😎
But for those relatively new to the scene, allow me to elaborate:
Knife hits, a.k.a. “blades,” is a method of vaping cannabis that involves heating two knives and using their heat to vaporize cannabis flower or concentrate. The cannabis product is pressed between the hot knives, and the resulting vapor is inhaled slowly through a makeshift breathing tube such as a bottle or paper towel roll.
Knife hits are great for a few reasons. First, they provide an excellent alternative to flower combustion. Because cannabinoids are not combusted, fewer burn, and thus more can be inhaled and put to use within the body. Hence, knife hits are more potent, and less is necessary to feel the effects.
Knife hits are a healthier, more efficient way to consume and conserve cannabis flower. However, knife hits are also great for concentrate consumption. No rig or torch? No problem. Using basic household items, you can vape your wax, shatter, or sugar effectively.
Perhaps the biggest benefit of knife hits is that it requires no special tools. All you need are some knives, an old soda can, a burner, and some herb. Aside from the product itself, the only real investment might be a cheap $20 burner from Amazon.

How to Take Knife Hits

Before beginning the knife hit process, gather the following supplies:
  • 2 Old, Unwanted Butter Knives
  • Coil Electric Burner (Stovetop or Portable)
  • An Old Bottle With the Bottom Removed
  • Plate or Tray
  • Herbal Flower or Concentrated Product
Begin by turning the burner on to medium-low heat. The exact setting will vary depending on the burner and consumer preferences so you may have to play with this setting a bit. As the burner is heating, place the knives between the burner coils so that the blades can heat while the handles remain cool.
While the knives are heating, break the product into small, manageable pieces and arrange them about an inch apart on your tray. Proper spacing will ensure each individual piece is easy to pick up without disturbing — and potentially burning — other nearby pieces. The size of each piece will depend on the consumer but generally, I recommend keeping them smaller than a pinky nail.
After the knives are heated, place the bottle in your mouth (holding between your teeth if possible) then gently touch a piece of herb with one of the knives. Bring the knife to the bottom opening of the bottle then use the other hot knife to press the product flat. Simultaneously inhale the ribbons of vapor that emit from the product breathing in just slow enough to keep the smoke from escaping the sides of the bottle.
When the vapor stops, the product is spent. Discard used the product and rewarm the knives for another hit if desired.

Final Thoughts

Knife hits are very much a product of nostalgia for me. With so many cannabis products on the market, it is easy to find affordable ways to vape small amounts of weed. Nevertheless, knife hits are a fun, easy, affordable, and tasty way to stretch your stash and get super high doing so.
Have you ever tried knife hits? Tell us your tips and tricks.
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