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How to Find the Best Writer for Your Marijuana Business

How to Find the Best Writer for Your Marijuana Business
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A marijuana writer can assuredly take your cannabis business to the next level. It is now more than ever to find the best writer for your marijuana business. Make no mistake; content is still king in 2020. However, due to an avalanche of writers and billions of articles on the internet, getting your brand message across will require the skill of a seasoned marijuana writer.

How to Find the Best Cannabis Writer for Your Content Needs

First, it’s essential to understand precisely what you need from a marijuana writer. These seven questions will help you find the best writer for your marijuana business.

Let’s dive in.

Does the writer understand the marijuana industry?

The cannabis industry is a complex beast. Laws frequently change as the industry keeps evolving. You should, therefore, seek a passionate writer who is well-informed regarding cannabis culture and policy. For example, you may want to choose someone who is abreast of any development or significant shifts as opposed to a writer for “visits” this niche whenever there is an opportunity.

Does the writer possess the skills you need?

It’s not enough to be knowledgeable about pot business. To be taken seriously in this space, a writer must also possess excellent grammar, spelling, and general writing skills.

Ask to see samples of previous work and scrutinize it for any errors. Engage the potential writer through direct messaging to ensure they understand your content needs and brand voice. You can use this time to see gauge their writing style via this communication avenue and determine if their responsiveness meets your requirements.

What kind of experience does the marijuana writer have?

Quality copywriting is not like writing in a journal or social media post. In fact, there are many different aspects to quality cannabis writing, including copywriting, blogging, and business/legal proposals. To determine if your prospective marijuana writer has the experience you need, ask them for a relevant sample, or request that they create one to showcase their expertise on your desired topic.

Does the marijuana writer have referrals?

Marijuana writers with a vast scope of experience will gladly share their victories with you. To confirm their experience, you can ask for references or simply check their profile page for vendor reviews. To be clear, every client who purchases services through Cannabis Content has the option to review their vendors. This not only helps future clients choose writers with the most skill and best work ethic but also helps our writers learn how to improve their services for next time. We encourage you to leave a review, too, to help other clients find quality content through the Cannabis Content marketplace.

However, bear in mind that we always welcome new writers and cannabis creatives. Don’t rule out new writers because they don’t have referrals or reviews. Remember, the aim is not to get a perfect writer, but one who has the right attitude, experience, and skill-set to suit your business.

Does the writer tone match your company brand?

Different kinds of tones suit different businesses. For example, some companies prefer to use the term “cannabis” as opposed to “pot” or “marijuana,” whereas others may appreciate a variety of names for SEO purposes. The tone may vary based on the targeted clientele, such as the difference between patients or recreational users.

Your marijuana writer should be able to “get” the tone of your business and maintain the tone throughout all your publications. This should include blogs, social media, ad copy, and more.

Does the writer fit your budget?

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to develop regular, high-quality cannabis content. However, you also don’t want to hire a cheap writer who will not add any value to your business.

On average, expert marijuana writers charge $0.30 – $0.40 per word. Average marijuana writers charge $0.10- $0.20 per word. The rates are usually not fixed, and most writers will be willing to negotiate with clients.

What is their SEO expertise?

SEO knowledge is the cherry on the cake. No matter how talented a writer is, if they cannot give their content visibility, then it’s not worth anything. Ultimately, your website content must improve your brand’s visibility and help build your brand image.

Ask your writer about their SEO expertise so they can explain their plan for helping your website achieve top search engine rankings.

Final Thoughts

Before we wrap it up, here are eight questions to ask your marijuana writer before hiring them.

  1. Do you have any unique skills that will help with this project?
  2. Why are you interested in this project?
  3. What suggestions can you make to help this project run smoothly?
  4. How do you plan to improve on this project?
  5. How long will it take for you to complete this project?
  6. What is your availability; hours per week? (How much time can you dedicate to this project?)
  7. What is your rate per word?
  8. Can you show me some samples?

Cannabis Content is a platform dedicated to creating cannabis content exclusively. On this platform, clients and writers can interact freely and brainstorm on ideas to make their cannabis content strategy successful.

Cannabis Content only works with writers and content creatives who work exclusively in the marijuana industry. When hiring a marijuana writer from this site, scan their bio and peruse through their samples to find the best match for your business.

Hire this writer or contact us to learn more about the Cannabis Content marketplace.


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