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Cannabis content writers can drastically improve SEO and boost website rank. However, to be successful, cannabis content writers may require some guidance.

This article breaks down the process of training cannabis content writers to take advantage of best SEO practices. Search engines should crawl a website whenever possible which requires basic search engine optimization. However, there is a fine balance between writing purely for the machines and writing content that actual humans find valuable. To help your cannabis content writers produce the most valuable content for your website or brand, implement the following steps.

Three SEO Tips for Cannabis Content Writers

Create A Content Strategy

A content strategy is the most critical element of a content plan. Before hiring a cannabis writer or content creator, develop a clear goal for the content. This includes the following:

  • Defining a target audience
  • Describing the competition
  • Determining which keywords will bring in a target audience
  • Developing a tone that matches the brand
  • Laying down the content strategy
  • Planning a content calendar
  • Evaluating the strategy and adjusting as necessary

Develop Article Structure

Article structure is an important way to ensure readers will find all the information they need in a format that is easy to read and digest. There are many things to consider when developing article structure, much of which depends on the audience, the topic, and the goal of the content in the first place. The following are important article structure considerations.

  • How long is the content?
  • Which keywords are most valuable?
  • How important is scanability?
  • How will you optimize content for search engines?

Always remember to structure content for humans first and web crawlers second. Your cannabis content writer should write in a simple and conversational note. Keep sentences and paragraphs short and concise, thus improving mobile phone or tablet compatibility.

Also, remember to break content down into segments that answer specific questions with targeted keyphrases. Always ensure that content provides valuable and accurate information. The process should help develop trust and confidence in a brand’s products and services.

Stay Focused on SEO

The final step to improving SEO is to measure content performance and pivot as needed to improve search engine ranking. Update old articles regularly while maintaining a fresh stream of fresh, new content.

Whereas Google favors longer articles that provide more information on a subject, lengthy content can seem overwhelming to some readers. Experts recommend a minimum of 600 words or more for SEO-friendly content. Articles that have a length of 2,000 words seem to have better rankings, especially if they include plenty of internal and external links.

Final Thoughts About SEO for Cannabis Content Writers

Cannabis content writers are passionate about the work they produce. Because SEO best practices keep evolving, expert cannabis writers must evolve along with it. As a cannabis content writer’s experience improves, so will the websites they contribute to. This team effort can yield great results if all steps are implemented properly.

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