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Protect Your Images:

If you are selling prints you will want to preserve the integrity of your image by adding a watermark to your photograph or graphic. Protect your images by copyrighting them with the user of a watermark. This quick tutorial will show you how to add the Cannabis Content watermark to your image.

  1. Download the watermark vector image here.
  2. Copy and paste the watermark onto your image and resize appropriately. For Photoshop users, create a new layer with the watermark and you can change the color dynamics like Darken, Opacity, etc.
  3. Align the watermark. The standard watermark location is the bottom right of your image, but you can put the watermark wherever you prefer.
  4. Click here for an example of the Cannabis Content watermark on a photograph from South By Southwest.


If you happen to have any issues adding a watermark to your photograph or graphic do not hesitate to contact us and we can help you or add the image for you.




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