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Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

Why Use Them?
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Buyer personas are an important marketing tool. Here’s Why:

A buyer persona (also known as “customer avatar”) is a semi-fictional character created by marketers to represent a particular company’s ideal customers. Businesses build buyer personas carefully based on data and market research. Buyer personas are critical in determining the demography, behavior patterns, motivations, and limitations of buyers. Buyer personas help guide decisions about a certain product, service, or interaction space. Moreover, they provide structure and insight for a company.

How to Craft a Buyer Persona

Developing buyer personas is a timely task, but well worth it. There are five steps to developing a buyer persona. Follow these steps to ensure your marketing is always on target.

Step 1: Research Your Audience

The first step in creating a buyer persona is doing thorough research on the audience. Buyer personas are based on real-world data. As such, the company must consider details like spending patterns, interests, age, challenges, and location. For B2B companies, the size of the business and the person who makes purchasing decisions are of particular focus. Companies can gather this information from the customer database and social media analytics. Additionally, businesses must also understand the social channels the audience uses. Tools used to achieve this include Google analytics and keyhole.co.

Step 2: Outline Pain Points

The second step is to identify customer pain points. Customer pain points include the problems and challenges potential customers are facing. Businesses can do this by social media sentiment analysis and by engaging in social listening. Additionally, marketers can check in with the customer service to learn the kind of questions customers ask.

Step 3: Identify Customer Goals

The third step is identifying customer goals. Businesses must identify the goals and aspirations that customers want to achieve. The goals might be related to the solutions the company provides. However, the goals are also important even if they don’t connect specifically to the businesses’ product features. They can form the basis of a campaign or the approach to take in marketing. The company can determine the goals and motivations of their potential customers through social listening and the sales team.

Step 4: Explain How Your Company Can Help

The next step is identifying how the businesses’ products or services can help by analyzing their benefits to the customers. Companies can do this by considering their products or services from the customer’s point of view. They can determine the customer’s main purchasing barriers and the point the customers are in their buying journey. The business can consult customers and social fans through surveys.

Step 5: Develop Buyer Personas

The final step in crafting a buyer persona is to gather all the research and look for common characteristics. After doing this, the business will have the basis of a unique buyer persona. The company must make the persona seem like a real person by giving the persona a name, a home, a job title, and other characteristics.  The persona allows the business to think about the customer group in a rational way and not as a collection of data points.

How Buyer Persona Helps With Targeted Cannabis Content Marketing

Having a buyer persona encourages a more tactical approach towards cannabis content marketing by classifying the different kinds of content that fits the interests of the target customers. As such, it makes cannabis content more relevant and shareable.

Additionally, buyer personas help marketers link content to relevant cannabis products and services by charting it against buying stages. In doing, businesses can provide personalized and targeted content to each customer. Moreover, buyer personas offer an objective way to determine content relevance through user behavior research. Consequently, markers can tailor their strategies towards the right people.

A buyer persona helps create more engaging cannabis content such as blog posts and white papers to appeal to different buyers of the content with the right tone and style. Moreover, it encourages the incorporation of digital cannabis content marketing with other channels. Consequently, the business and potential customers can interact and connect better. The content can also be sent using the customer’s preferred channel.

Using a buyer persona will enable a business to determine gaps in the marketplace that are not being sufficiently addressed and then coming up with new content that will fill the gaps. Additionally, buyer personas help build targeted cannabis content marketing by increasing efficiency. As such, marketing campaigns can target the right audiences. Finding the right target audience will lead to additional sales while saving time and money.

How Buyer Persona Help Businesses Place Content Orders That Match Their Needs

Businesses looking to place cannabis content orders will find content that is customized and tailored to their preferences. The improved interaction between the buyer and the seller will enable them to request content explicitly tailored towards the customer’s needs.

The use of buyer personas will also help business seeking to purchase cannabis content to readily and easily access the content marketplace. They can also find the content they require effortlessly because the company already understands the kind of content they need.

Final Thoughts

Buyer personas help businesses guide product development to suit the needs in many ways. First, they help businesses determine their target audience. Additionally, they help companies focus their time on qualified prospects and align information across the organization (from marketing to sales to service). As a result, they can attract leads, high-value visitors, and customers to their business and will be more likely to retain them over time.

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