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How to pitch content topics the right way bothers almost every cannabis content creator in the industry. Remember that content owns the internet nowadays – every blog post, every viral video, every review, every infographic, every tool ever used is all content. And behind every winning idea or successful business is a team of content creators, marketers, and SEO experts that made it possible.


With so many different client types, how can a cannabis writer pitch creative, ground-breaking ideas to clients? Here are practical ways writers can ensure success the next time they pitch cannabis content topics to clients.


Prepare Properly


The maxim of pitching an excellent content topic isn’t what someone says; it’s how they say it. Something might look brilliant in the writer’s head, but it stays there unless he/she take time and effort to consider how they can properly explain or present the idea.


No one should wing a pitch because it likely won’t make sense to a customer if not carefully outlined. A cannabis writer should consider describing the idea together with an internal script to follow. It may help to think of a pitch like a political speech: instead of just sharing an idea, it should convince the customer that it’s a valuable topic for discussion.


Understand The Client


How to pitch a winning idea requires detailed research about the client’s company, brand, and audience. Creators should acknowledge the client’s target audience, thereby proving an understanding of their unique needs, preferences, and grievances.


Crafting an effective pitch requires understanding the prospect, their business, and industry to help solve particular needs. As such, writers must research their candidates to learn:

  • Who they are and what their background is
  • How long they have been in the industry
  • Their company functions
  • The most common problems they and their competitors face

An easy way to identify a potential client’s pain points is to ask contacts in the industry or to listen to industry discussions via social media. Doing so will help experienced marijuana writers directly address consumer issues and focus on how their services may help solve them.


Also, a writer should acknowledge the client’s brand in the pitch to personalize their approach and prove their understanding of the client. In other words, pitching requires ample research about the pitch topic and the company to whom they are sending the proposal.


Share Statistics and Facts


As part of the preparation, a writer should crunch the numbers, including everything the pitch entails. It’s hard for some customers to foresee a creative idea, but most respond genuinely to numbers. Thus a winning pitch should include:

  • Title to grab client attention
  • Abstract to preview subject matter
  • Price to show the client how much it will cost
  • Date to show precise project submission time
  • Projection of the idea or expectations to be achieved by the piece
  • Information on how to do research and to manage every project’s part from start to finish
  • Written samples to show previous work experience

Listing these points will immediately convey the project’s scope and get customers excited by showing them how it will benefit their brand or business. The bottom line is, pitches with enough stats are more likely to be accepted. Besides, it shows how experienced a cannabis content creator is and how deeply he/she understands the topic or industry.


Keep it Short and Sweet


When it comes to how to pitch content topics, the length of a pitch is critical. If a pitch is too long, the buyer could lose interest and fail to read or respond. However, if a (good) pitch gets straight to the point, it should retain the buyer’s interest and encourage them to proceed. Moreover, a strict word count will help avoid information overload, thus increasing the likelihood of approval.


Another mistake to avoid is the urge to pitch the same idea/topic to multiple companies. A writer should try to vary the pitches based on differing content needs and target audiences. For instance, one company might target CBD seeds buyers, while another might need content about CBD products like gummies and oils.


Pitch Follow-up


A recent study discovered that approximately 70 percent of email conversations end the moment prospect fails to reply to the first email. However, there’s about a 20 percent chance that a cannabis writer will get a response to the second email if first one goes unanswered. So it’s of utmost importance to follow up after the initial pitch. A writer should wait for about two to three days before following up.


Closing Thoughts on How to Pitch


Are you ready to start pitching cannabis content topics? Becoming a cannabis content creator is an incredible way to earn at home. Contact us today to learn more about cannabis content writing from how to pitch and research writing topics to writing engaging content.



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