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cannabis industry employment

Cannabis Industry Employment

How to Find Cannabis Industry Employment
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Cannabis industry employment opportunities are diverse, ranging from budtender to sales to software developer to content creation. Before applying for jobs, job seekers should determine their talents and qualifications. The cannabis job market can be very competitive, which requires job hunters to be aggressive.

Ways to Find Cannabis Industry Employment


Networking is one of the most successful ways to land a job in the cannabis industry. People looking for jobs should develop contacts with other people who might help generate information and job leads. They can attend network events, start conversations, and casually mention that they are looking for jobs.

People in the cannabis industry have a tight-knit community born out of activism for the legalization of cannabis. Job seekers can be present and active in cannabis industry events and meet people from the industry. They should show that they have a passion for cannabis and can make a positive contribution to the industry.

Virtual networks are also a great way to pursue more employment opportunities. People seeking jobs can interact and make connections with the cannabis community through virtual networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Job Boards

People looking for cannabis industry employment should consider using online job boards. Job boards are search engines that show job openings. The use of job boards enables job hunters to find job opportunities for various positions countrywide. They should also be careful and do due diligence on the potential employer. Cannabis industry job boards include 420Careers, Leafwire, and Cannabis Business Executive. Job users can also utilize general job boards with cannabis jobs such as Indeed, Monster, Linkedin, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired, and ZipRecruiter.


Job seekers should ensure they have the right set of skills and certification required to work and succeed in the cannabis industry. For instance, to work in a cannabis dispensary, job seekers should strive to get reputable providers’ certifications. Cannabis certification provides real proof that the person has the knowledge and skills to work as an employee in the cannabis industry. Additionally, it ensures that hiring managers notice the applicant’s resume and application.

Recruiters and Employment Agencies

Recruitment and employment agencies can help people find opportunities and advance their careers.  These agencies choose the most suitable candidate and coordinate an interview with a company that is hiring. Employment agencies can also help the candidates pass interviews by optimizing their resumes and coaching them for interviews.

Cannabis industry recruiters and employment agencies include Vangst, Cannajobs, WeedHire, Canna Recruiter, Mary Staffing, Bloom Staffing, Cannabiz Team, and Budding Talent.


Volunteering is an excellent way for people seeking cannabis industry employment to put their talents to work. Moreover, volunteering shows potential employers that the person has passion and commitment to marijuana. A volunteer gains experience and valuable knowledge while working for that dream job.

Building a Resume for Cannabis Industry Employment

A resume is a document that promotes and represents a person. It should, therefore, have vital information. Cannabis content creators should display deep expertise in cannabis when writing a resume. Additionally, it should show what the content creator offers to the client and what sets them apart from other writers.

They should indicate the years or months of writing experience in the cannabis niche. The experience and skills should be relevant to the job the content creator is applying. This section should describe the writer’s experience from the most recent. They can also show if they have worked with a brand or recognizable name and highlight outstanding achievements. Content creators can mention their key accomplishments and brands in a small subsection. They can also add awards and honors, publications, social media influence, and additional courses and workshops.

It is essential to use keywords from the job listing. The writer should strategically place the words and phrases in the work experience section.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Industry Employment

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors. This growth creates more job opportunities, and job seekers in the cannabis industry should build their resumes and be ready to take start tasks.

Becoming a cannabis content creator is a great way of getting cannabis industry employment and make money from the comfort of your home. Contact us today to learn more about cannabis content writing.




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