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Write Less and Earn More
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Write Less and Earn More — The best way to write less and earn more is to avoid unnecessary filler words and long sentences with limited value. Many writers add unnecessary words to their content to increase the word count. Fluff words lower the content quality and make it boring to the readers.

How to Write Less and Earn More

Make an Outline

It is important to have a writing plan. Writers should start with an outline of what they want to write and help develop a concrete idea of what the text should cover The outline should also consist of a rough list of points the writer will address. Writing without an outline makes it easy to drift off topic and waste the reader’s time. If it is necessary to add personality or humor, they should ensure that stories are short. Essentially, the writing should fulfill the promise of its headline and avoid irrelevant information.

 Get to the Point

To write less and earn more, it is vital to have a good introduction. Writers should introduce the main points and the intent of the text and let readers decide if it’s worth reading. Writing a long introduction can bore the reader and increase a website’s bounce rate. One short paragraph is usually enough provided that it transitions smoothly into the body of the piece. Writers might consider leading with a question or a short statement. Note: if the customer seeks optimization of a specific keyword, then the precise keyword should always appear at the beginning of the first sentence.

Keep it Short 

Short sentences make content easy to read and add authority to the writing. It might need rewriting to achieve this but reducing filler words tightens up the sentences.

Writers should also trim paragraphs to about two to four sentences each. Long and dense paragraphs are too much work for the reader, which may cause them to lose interest. Conversely, short paragraphs keep the reader’s attention and encourage continued content consumption.

 Avoid Extra Verbiage 

Using too many adjectives and adverbs in writing can make the text seem exaggerated. For example, describing a product using too many adjectives like incredible or fabulous may be suspicious to the reader. Good writers only use adjectives when highlighting something the noun cannot.

 Use Active Voice

Another way to write less and earn more is to use active voice instead of passive. Using active voice makes sentences more concise and easier to read with fewer words. When writing in the active voice, the sentence’s subject acts rather than being acted upon. For instance, a passive voice sentence would be, “the buds were not properly cured by the cannabis grower,” would be “the cannabis grower did not cure the buds properly” in the active voice.

Avoid Jargon

Some writers create long, language-specific sentences when they could summarize the thought in just a few words. To be clear, writers should avoid jargon and use simpler words to help them write less and earn more. An easy solution is to read the text out loud and remove any words that sound unnatural.

Remove Redundancy

Redundancy makes content dull and hard to read. As such, writers should avoid repetition and reiterate only when necessary to increase the content’s value. Redundant writing may look like multiple sentences addressing the same issue, or even redundant phrases like “added bonus” or “unexpected surprise.”

Cut the Fluff

Good content always requires a good edit both during and after completing a piece. When editing, writers should locate and remove fluff words like actually, basically, really, just, completely, kind of, and entirely. Writers should also remove clichés and avoid stating the obvious.

Conduct Thorough Research

Another way to write less and earn more is through thorough research. Research can help a writer stay focused, familiarize themselves with topic terms, and develop a detailed knowledge base from which to write. Notably, thorough research using credible sources like educational documents also increases the content’s credibility and potential for backlinks.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a good writer takes time and practice. A writer should learn how to outline and edit documents carefully to hone their skills and increase their pay rate.

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