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Vape Terpenes for a Well-Rounded, Flavorful Experience

When you vape terpenes, you unlock the amazing potential of your herbal concentrates. The precise temperature settings on most vaporizer devices give you ultimate control over the delicate flavors and overall effectiveness of herbal concentrates.

To be clear, most terpenes boil at relatively low temperatures. Heating concentrates with fire (or a red-hot banger) causes many terpenes to burn up before you even get to enjoy them. As such, even the best cannabis products will fall short on flavor and quality without a proper vaporizer.

However, there is more of a reason to vape terpenes than the outstanding flavor it produces. Research suggests that terpenes have many proposed benefits, which compound when consumed alongside other chemicals like cannabinoids and flavonoids.

This compounded or synergistic benefit is called the “Entourage Effect,” which was first introduced by Dr. Ethan Russo in 2011. The theory suggests that compounds like THC and CBD work better when consumed with complementary cannabis components like terpenes. For example, ample research suggests that different terpenes exert unique therapeutic potential. Moreover, many of these terpenes interact with the same cannabinoid receptors in the body. By combining what we know about cannabinoids with what we know about terpenes, it stands to reason that when you vape terpenes, some amazing things can happen.

What are Terpenes

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that give most plants (and even some bugs) their unique scents. Terpenes are what makes lavender smell like lavender, pine needles smell like pine needles, and quality cannabis buds smell so – well – dank. What’s more, terpenes help give many herbs their therapeutic qualities, constituting many natural medicines for centuries.

More than 20,000 different kinds of terpenes exist, and more than 100 of them come from the cannabis plant. Importantly, terpenes give each strain a unique flavor and aroma and give each user a unique experience between varieties. For example, some terpenes uplift the spirit (limonene), others improve focus (pinene), and others promote sleep (myrcene or caryophyllene).

Why to Vape Terpenes

Terpenes are what give a cannabis high its depth. Regardless of THC content, without terpenes, the experience will likely lack luster. Think of terpenes as the seasonings one might add to a soup. Without the seasonings, the soup might be filling, but the experience will be bland and unrewarding.

Likewise, when you vape terpenes, you can improve the experience in both flavor and effects. Furthermore, vaping allows you to customize your experience based on your unique needs and preferences. If you seek a more relaxing experience, consider vaping an earthy Afghani Kush. Conversely, for a more energetic time, vape a limonene-filled Lemon Skunk concentrate instead.

The point is, whatever experience you seek, you’ll enjoy it more when you puff the right products at the right temperature.

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