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palm leaf wraps
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Palm leaf wraps are more than just a trendy way to smoke herbal blends. In fact, palm leaf wraps are superior to most other blunt wraps on the market today. Not only are they tastier and healthier than traditional tobacco wraps, but they’re sturdier and easier to use than most others, as well. Plus, palm wraps are better for the environment, too! We call that a win–win–win.

So, are palm wraps the next big thing? We like to think so. Here’s why:

What are Palm Leaf Wraps

Palm wraps are palm leaves specially processed to use as rolling papers or blunt wrappers. To be clear, rolling papers are generally smaller and thinner than blunt wrappers, whereas blunt wrappers are larger but often harsher and harder to manage.

Palm leaf wraps fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. First, they are large enough and sturdy enough to hold a substantial amount of herbs without producing an overbearing flavor or harsh smoke. In fact, the flavor of smoked palm leaves is quite pleasant, often likened to that of a subtle green tea. For those who prefer a more profound flavor profile (or those looking to hide the taste of bunk product), palm leaf rolls often come in a variety of supplemental flavors, as well.

Second, palm wraps are incredibly easy to manage. They contain no gum or additional additives (except natural flavoring in some specific products), and require no special skills to master. There is no need to hollow anything out or to roll the product by hand. Instead, consumers simply remove the tamp, pack ground herbs into the pre-rolled cone, then use the rod to tamp it all in place. The leaves are sturdy enough to withstand an aggressive pack but light enough smoke smoothly with minimal abrasion.

Why Use Palm Wraps

Palm wraps provide a smooth, steady smoke regardless of the condition its contents. Dry herbs burn slowly to increase the duration of the smoke session, thus helping conserve sometimes costly products.

Palm leaves are also better for the environment. Palm trees produce hundreds of leaves per year without requiring much agricultural effort. They do not deplete the land and do not require additional fertilizers to produce enough leaves. As such, buying palm rolls is a great way to help conserve the environment and put to good use the copious plant material.

Finally, palm wraps are healthier than other herbal wrap options. They do not produce harsh carcinogens that tobacco wraps produce and do not depend on excessive labor and nutritional supplements that hemp wraps do. Mother Nature does the work and smokers reap the benefit.

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