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best cbd gifts for moms
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The best CBD gifts for moms are just a few clicks away. Though there are countless hemp products on the market, the best CBD gifts for moms are those that take a mother’s unique needs to heart. Indeed, the best CBD gifts should nourish both the mind and body to help rejuvenate the very women who gave us life.

Before we break down our list of best CBD gifts for moms, let’s discuss the many ways CBD supports women’s health.

CBD for Women’s Health

CBD is particularly promising for women, thanks to its many proposed benefits. For example, CBD may improve bone density to stave off osteoporosis, which is especially prevalent in women following menopause. CBD may also help reduce PMS symptoms, including pain, irritability, and sleeplessness, and soften signs of aging and acne when applied topically.

But those aren’t the only benefits of CBD for women! In fact, CBD may help address countless physical and mental discomforts, and it’s all thanks to its interaction with the Endocannabinoid System or ECS. To be clear, hemp-based cannabinoids like CBD and CBG interact with the body’s ECS to support whole-body health, which may help treat pain, inflammation, insomnia, and mood problems like stress and persistent worry. It’s no wonder why so many people are searching for the best CBD gifts for moms this Mother’s Day.

To explain, we must understand the functionality of the ECS. The system, which includes both endocannabinoids and special cannabinoid receptors, helps control the flow of information within and between cells. Cannabinoids regulate synaptic functions throughout the entire body in both a retrograde and non-retrograde manner. In doing, cannabinoids may either promote cellular activity or calm it, depending on which action is most likely to help maintain balance.

Unfortunately, sometimes an EC system fails to maintain proper functions. It may produce insufficient endogenous cannabinoids or may have difficulty metabolizing them properly. Those who struggle with endocannabinoid deficiency may experience chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, IBS, depression, anxiety, and more. Interestingly, research suggests that CBD may help jump-start a faulty ECS and promote ECS repair. In other words, regular CBD consumption may help the body’s EC system heal itself.

Best CBD Gifts for Moms

There are so many amazing CBD products on the market, and your mom deserves the best of them. As such, we’ve composed a list of our favorite CBD gifts for moms by taking their unique perspective to heart. Notably, these CBD gifts are so much more than standard CBD oil; they are items selected to help remind moms that it’s okay to invest in themselves as much as those around them.

CBD Bath and Body Products from Seed2System

Seed2System features a unique Bath, Body, and Spa product line that includes deodorant, body scrum, lip balm, bath balms, and soap. These topical CBD products will pamper your mother from head to toe thanks to the perfect combination of cannabinoids, herbs, and other nourishing elements. This natural healing spa line can wash away impurities and imperfections for long-lasting skin health. Products start at less than $10, with subscription discounts available.

“Me Time” CBD Trio from Foria

Foria is a cannabis brand designed specifically for women, and they definitely offer some of the best gifts for moms. Among their unique product line is their “Me Time” trio, which features three carefully blended herbal salt bath soaks. Give mom a reason to pause her busy schedule to indulge in a revitalizing bath that will nourish her skin and soothe her soul. The trio includes three bath salt blends: relief, intimacy, and wellness. The set retails for $44, though various discounts and payment options are available.

Buddha Tea’s CBD Tea

CBD teas from Buddha Tea provide the perfect opportunity to relax or kick-start a busy day. Combining the health benefits of various teas with the therapeutic potential of CBD, Buddha Tea’s extensive line of CBD beverages that heal from the inside out. Some of their most popular CBD tea products include chamomile, a turmeric and ginger blend, matcha green tea, and CBD Mushroom Defense. Pay as little as $0.93 per cup depending on order quantity.

Soothing CBD Lotion

CBDMD sells a soothing CBD lotion specially formulated to combat itchy, irritated skin. The combination of lavender, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and aloe vera (plus 500 mg CBD per bottle) nourish and moisturize the skin, bring life back into chapped hands, faces, feet, and more. The CBD lotion called Luv Me Tinder includes broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil that is third-party lab-tested for purity and potency. The bottle costs about $40 with a 30 percent discount available for auto-shipment.

Premium Smokable Hemp

By far, one of the best CBD gifts for moms is smokable hemp flower. Smokable hemp flower is just clean, dry hemp flowers – and it is potent! That’s because it is the hemp flower where most cannabinoids and terpenes develop. Consequently, smokable hemp flower is some of the purest, least refined hemp products available. And, because of its profound terpene content, the best hemp flower is not only flavorful, but truly pleasant to smoke, vaporize, or cook with. As such, we thought it befitting to include smokable hemp as one of the best CBD gifts for mom, and no better representation of the best smokable hemp on the market than Project Hemp Flower’s farm-to-consumer premium hemp nugs. Buy Project Hemp Flower’s premium smokable hemp flower for as little as $7 per gram, or $25 for a 5-pack of pre-rolled hemp cigarettes.

A Good Read

The book, “The Wholistic Healing Guide to Cannabis” helps address all of the potential benefits of both hemp (non-intoxicating) and marijuana (intoxicating). It dives deeply into the science behind cannabis, including a more detailed look at the EC System and its contribution to holistic health. It also includes dosing and preparation instructions and explains the value of various cannabis components. Notably, though the book generally focuses on THC-type cannabis, preparation instructions are valid for hemp-type cannabis, as well. This five-star book sells on Amazon for just over $16 for a paperback copy or $9.99 for a Kindle version.

Buy the Best CBD Gifts for Moms

Our moms do a lot for us, it’s only fair that we should return the favor when we can. This Mother’s Day, give your mom a gift that shows her just how important her health and well-being is to you. Give her the gift of CBD

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