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Cannabis Branding

What Makes a Powerful Cannabis Brand?
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Cannabis Branding is a crucial component of any strong MJ marketing strategy. Those who wish to build a solid brand – one that people automatically recognize as an authority in their domain – must invest in brand development and promotion from the brand’s inception. Moreover, they must engage in brand development strategically and consistently while following strict cannabis marketing protocols.

3 Main Components of Cannabis Branding

Developing a powerful cannabis brand requires strategic planning and consistent reputation management. Businesses that establish a branding plan in early development have more control over the public’s perception, allowing them to guide targeted consumers through the buyer journey gracefully while building and retaining a solid following.

Brand Strategy

A company’s brand strategy outlines its unique position in the industry, essentially serving as a blueprint for the brand’s trajectory. Importantly, a company’s brand strategy should describe brand values, the business’s goal or purpose, and the value it brings to consumers. Common elements of a cannabis brand strategy include buyer personas, brand voice, company story or mission statement, and brand discovery methods. A cannabis brand strategy should also include competitor research, including market reach, message, communication channels, and more.

Brand Identity

A brand’s identity is how the company presents itself to the public. For example, a cannabis brand identity should include visual assets, public-facing messaging, and user experiences. When developing a cannabis brand identity, elements to consider include logos, color palates, fonts, packaging and print

material, website design and functionality, content messaging, and advertising. Notably, brand identity must remain consistent across platforms to help build brand recognition.

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing refers to the methods through which cannabis companies create brand awareness. Cannabis brand marketing employs strategic communication strategies that deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. It requires a careful balance between promotion and a brand’s overall messaging goals. Notably, effective brand marketing requires SEO-focused content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Some cannabis brands may also use paid ads to build brand awareness, but this marketing method is significantly more difficult for most cannabis-focused companies.

Cannabis Branding Compliance

Notably, cannabis businesses must adhere to strict compliance issues. For example, brands may not promote drug consumption or imply that their products cure or otherwise treat any diagnosable condition. It is crucial to remain aware of these issues when building a cannabis brand and promoting cannabis-related products.

Moreover, brands must consider their advertising channels carefully and adhere to each platform’s terms of service carefully. Privately-owned social media sites are notorious for closing non-compliant accounts, as are some automated email servers, banking institutions, CRMs, and more. When building a cannabis brand, always consider the TOS of each marketing channel and adjust branding as necessary to reduce conflict.

Content for Cannabis Branding

Cannabis Branding must remain consistent, which should be apparent in the tone of all written content. When hiring cannabis writers, ensure they fully understand your target audience and brand voice before beginning their first assignment.  It’s often best to hire cannabis writers on a continuing basis to help ensure a predictable tone and minimize the need for branding edits.

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