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One of my clients recently sent me some CBD hemp menstrual patches and I could not be happier with the result! To be clear, they did not send me these hemp patches in exchange for a glowing review. Instead, they sent them because I produce their content and they thought it best that I know the products I write about. And, of course, I graciously accepted.

Before I delve too deeply into the mechanics and effects of hemp menstrual patches, let me just preface this by saying that my periods are hell (sorry for the TMI, guys)! I get moody, bloated, and lethargic, which makes it very difficult to maintain motivation and positive spirits for those few days. But the absolute worst PMS symptom I experience are untamable hormonal headaches. To be clear, I’ve battled hormone headaches every month for the last few years with little relief through foods, ice, stretching, or OTC pain meds.

And then came these CBD hemp menstrual patches!

Day one, just as I knew everything was about to start, I popped a patch on my lower back and within minutes, that nasty headache subsided. Throughout the day, I also noticed that I had more energy, less brain fog, and overall higher spirits. After 24 hours of no headaches, no cramping, and no crying at the latest cat meme, I knew I was gonna have to stock up on these. Hemp patches are now officially a must-have in my home.

What are Hemp Patches?

Hemp patches are a type of CBD topical by which cannabinoids and other beneficial elements are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. Unlike other topical hemp products, CBD patches can penetrate the blood-brain barrier to deliver cannabinoids throughout the entire body. Notably, patches are most effective when placed in an area with minimal fat and plenty of veins. Some of the best places to stick hemp patches to the skin include wrists, ankles, the back of the neck, and the lower spine area.

One of the best things about hemp patches (aside from their awesome effectiveness, IMO), is how long they last! Depending on the ingredients used, most patches can remain active for six to 48 hours. That means that hemp patches can deliver a continuous, steady flow of cannabinoids and other ingredients for days at a time, thus reducing reliance on other OTC products. Instead of popping a few aspirins every four hours (which isn’t healthy long-term), just slap one of these bad boys on your bod and call it good.

How CBD Hemp Menstrual Patches Help Common Discomforts

CBD research suggests that the plant-based element could have extensive therapeutic benefits like pain reduction, improved sleep, and lifted spirits. Notably, these issues are also common symptoms of PMS or other hormone-related conditions. As such, many researchers believe that CBD could minimize menstrual discomfort and help restore hormonal balance during a dip (e.g., the start of menstruation).

However, CBD is not the only therapeutic ingredient in these hemp menstrual patches. In fact, this specific brand includes four additional ingredients, each contributing to the overall benefit if hemp PMS patches. I’ve done a little research and outlined my discovery below, so you’ll know what to look for the next time you want to buy hemp period patches.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is a flowering herbal supplement that’s been used to control hot flashes for centuries. Notably, the herb seems can help offset the decline of estrogen by replacing the dwindling hormone with phytoestrogens, instead. In doing, this natural, plant-based supplement could help minimize temperature fluctuations, mood changes, hormonal headaches, and more.


Ginseng is another herbal supplement that could minimize period discomforts, which manufacturers have infused into these awesome hemp period patches. In fact, studies suggest that ginseng could help reduce some PMS symptoms, including pain, constipation, insomnia, increased appetite, and menstrual irregularity. It might also balance hormones to help control hot flashes, mood swings, and poor libido.


Chasteberry could reduce breast tenderness by regulating prolactin production. Research also suggests that the Chaste Tree fruit could balance hormone levels to minimize other PMS symptoms like irritability, headaches, and depression.


Lastly, these hemp menstrual patches contain menthol, which is an FDA-approved topical pain reliever. Interestingly, menthol is basically just a combination of mint oils. As such, can help cool the skin and underlying muscle tissue while also helping improve blood flow to the area. This makes menthol especially beneficial for localized relief. What’s more, it also improves the bioavailability of the other elements within the hemp patch.

Where to Buy CBD Hemp Menstrual Patches

These menstrual hemp patches were gifted to me by a client who only manages wholesale white-label and private-label hemp products. As such, they are not equipped to sell their CBD hemp patches to the public. However, they will gladly serve hemp retailers, especially those who wish to sell hemp patches under their own brand name. As such, if you are a CBD product buyer or retailer wishing to add hemp menstrual patches to your product line, then hit up VCM CBD for more information.

Please note that we do not collect commissions from sales through this page (I just really like the product). 

If you are an individual consumer looking to purchase CBD hemp menstrual patches, then hold tight! I’m on the prowl for a great hemp patch retailer and will report back with my findings ASAP. In the meantime, drop a comment below with your hemp period patch experience.

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