The cannabis industry is booming. The excitement and potential surrounding the industry tells it all. Everyone now wants to write and read about Marijuana; if you are a cannabis writer, this is the perfect time to promote your blog and achieve your dream viewership. The secret lies in mastering your niche and making the best out of it.

How do you make the best out of your niche?

Develop a Good Flow

‘Cannabis’ topics are widely read by people from all walks of life. Some read them out of curiosity while others want to learn more about cannabis. A fluent language, positive attitude and a deep knowledge of the specific topic is all a cannabis blog needs. To remain competitive in cannabis writing, research the topic you’ve chosen, articulate your ideas coherently, and never forget to cite your sources.

Be Consistent

Updating your cannabis writing blog consistently increases its relevance, hence attracting wide readership. Your readers will always be back to check if you’ve written new content. Once they realize your passion in writing goes beyond owning a blog, they’ll certainly be your fervent visitors.

Produce from Your Passion

Cannabis in and of itself is a niche, yes, but if you really want to be successful in the industry, you should narrow your focus to something specific to your passion. Do you love the culture? Do you stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends? Perhaps you’ve found your passion through cannabis cultivation? Whatever your focus, claim it proudly and write about it often. There are companies that need your specific area of expertise so grab the bowl by the carb and go.

Mastering your niche takes time and persistence. The secret lies in writing what people want to read. Venture into research to find the specific content that excites your readers. Your specific cannabis niche could include things like cultivation, business, law, manufacturing, health, DIY, trends and culture just to name a few. But wherever you choose to turn your focus, you should be able to find paying clients interested in your niche and your unique perspective so don’t give up! Your career in cannabis writing is just beginning. Are you ready to get started? Login and upload your next piece today or apply to become a contributor.


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  1. Jessica Saxton

    You are absolutely correct, well said!

  2. Totally and its now to be legalised in Ireland , albeit medically , by Easter . Making Ireland green again 🙂 Moon rocks for Easter eggs this year , we HOPE !.

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