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Cannabis content marketing is an increasingly important part of marijuana business operations. Cannabis Content connects cannabis marketers with passionate creatives who are eager to plant their roots in the budding marijuana and hemp industries.

Cannabis Content is born of a need to easily connect cannabis writers and creatives with businesses that need their talent. We help fill the demand for both valuable content and skilled creatives through a unique marketplace platform.

Our creative talent includes cannabis writers, photographers, and graphic designers. They boast a variety of focused knowledge and unique qualities allowing customers to find talented writers and creatives within their own demographic.

Our marijuana writers speak the language and ask the questions that readers can relate to. Our photographers have an intimate understanding of the culture and products that the cannabis community seeks. Our graphic designers know exactly how to deliver the messages cannabis companies want to share. These skills come naturally when produced by those with a passion for the work they produce, and our cannabis industry professionals are certainly passionate!


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We make it easy to find expert content creators in any cannabis-specific niche. Our interactive platform allows users to place and process orders, track sales and purchases, and manage messages directly from their dashboard.

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