Founded on the idea that cannabis advocacy and industry involvement can start right at home, Cannabis Content was developed to train marijuana enthusiasts how to develop strong web content that businesses in the industry want to buy. We know that the best content – the stuff people will want to read, comment on, and share – will be produced by members of our own cannabis community, and we also understand how valuable that can be for inbound marketing in the cannabis industry.

Our Roots

Cannabis Content was born in 2015 when stay-at-home mother of two, Abby Hauck, realized her work from home job as a cannabis writer was a true luxury that she wanted to share with her friends. Often, people would ask her what they could do to get into the industry, or more specifically, how they could get a job like hers where she could generate a hansom income from home writing about cannabis and cannabis-related news and products.

Realizing there was no central location for cannabis writers to find work, or for cannabis businesses to find a selection of qualified writers, Abby set out to create the first content marketplace designed exclusively for the cannabis community. Pulling from her background in copywriting and inbound marketing, Abby hopes to share her tricks for producing solid web content online with her fellow contributors.

Our Goal

Cannabis industry jobs are ripe for the taking, and virtual cannabis industry work is both globally legal and incredibly lucrative. As an educational marketplace, Cannabis Content hopes to create solid cannabis contributors, provide real-world experience to novice and experienced writers, and promote the marijuana movement through information-rich articles all while providing cannabis businesses what they need most: exposure.

Using basic SEO principles, Cannabis Content trains our contributors to produce content that will help cannabis businesses:

  • Drive traffic to their website and social media platforms
  • Build their company brand
  • Establish themselves as a leader in their field
  • Build trust within the community
  • Promote new products and ideas
  • Connect with clients and leads where they already are: online

Our Community

The cannabis community is a huge demographic comprised of many different people. Our contributors come from many different backgrounds but they all have one thing in common: they support cannabis reform and want to use their passion to promote cannabis businesses worldwide.

Our contributors gain experience by contributing regularly to different categories of content. As contributors increase their sales in specific categories, their expertise rank will improve. This allows clients to choose contributors based on their skill set and not just their availability or asking rate.


At Cannabis Content, we want to give people a chance to profit off their passion for pot by becoming qualified cannabis writers. Whether you’re interested in becoming a weed writer or you’d like to purchase marijuana content for your website, you can find what you need with us.

At Cannabis Content, weed love to help you succeed!

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