Business and Compliance Writers and Creators for Cannabis and Hemp Business Success

Hiring a team of business, legal and compliance writers is a strong starting point for any cannabis or hemp business owner.

They are the backbone of your business because of the fluctuating legal status of both plants. This is especially true for cannabis because it is still a Schedule I drug. Its illegal status on the federal level means tighter regulations that vary with each state and country.

Given how much money you’ve poured (or are currently pouring) into participating in this booming industry, you must check all the boxes for local laws and compliance requirements. This prevents you from losing money and will potentially keep your business thriving in hemp or cannabis in the long-term.

Hire a Cannabis Business Writer

A cannabis or hemp business writer drafts up crucial documents that clarify your vision for your company. Cannabis business writers are helpful throughout the lifespan of your business.

Types of Documents Cannabis Business Writers Produce

If you don’t have a license for selling cannabis or hemp yet, a business writer is a crucial member of your success team. Hire a skilled business writer to handle your business plan—instead of leaning on templates via a Google search.

Acquiring a license is highly (no pun intended) competitive and very costly. To set yourself up to win this plant-touching golden ticket of the industry, you need a thorough business plan to establish your mission, values, and revenue streams.

Your cannabis business plan is the blueprint that reflects your awareness of local community impact and solutions to the financial risks inherent with cannabis and hemp. Cannabis compliance writers are skilled in traditionally corporate documents such as white papers and case studies.

Though these documents are more important for marketing than legal, they’re still crucial. If your cannabis/hemp company sells costly products or services, white papers assert the value of your offer. It’s a detailed document that “sells without selling” by painting a stellar, in-depth picture to your potential buyer.

Conversely, Case Studies pull in the voice of a satisfied customer. Your cannabis business writer will weave an enticing story about the customer’s triumph and betterment thanks to your solutions.

How to choose a Cannabis Business Creator

Choosing the best cannabis business writer depends on your company’s needs and your relationship with them. Choose a writer with industry experience and a deep understanding of the continually changing laws and regulations.

Additionally, choose someone who is detail-oriented and grasps the importance of mitigating risks. Look for this in their experiences.

Your relationship with the writer is vital if you want to keep them on for additional document writing. So consider a business writer who is skilled with a variety of corporate writing skills.


Cannabis Legal Writer

A legal cannabis writer is vital—law is inescapable in this industry. Laws are constantly changing to accommodate accessibility, policy, and procedures.

Having a trusted legal expert on your team means that you can relax and not overtax your mind trying to keep up with everything. Again, the longevity of your cannabis or hemp business leans on mitigating risks.

Here’s what to expect when hiring a legal writer.

Types of Documents Cannabis Legal Writers produce

Legal writers for cannabis and hemp can produce relevant law-related content. That includes blog posts, industry news updates, and more. Moreover, legal cannabis writers can also help produce contracts to protect your business with specific deals.

How to Choose a Cannabis Legal Creator

The best legal cannabis writer breathes cannabis laws. They will fill in the blanks of knowledge for you and your team. Hence, you should choose someone with a solid legal background who writes very tight documents.

A legal writer doesn’t need a background or current day job as an attorney. But overall, you should ensure your legal cannabis writer meets all expectations when it comes to their experience with cannabis and hemp laws. Also, be mindful of your business’s location. Regional experience is especially important for those with licensing outside of their residential area. Your legal cannabis writer must be knowledgeable of location-specific hemp and cannabis laws.


Cannabis Compliance Writer

Cannabis compliance writers are the cream of the crop for your team. set the groundwork for your business by helping you get as close to hitting 100 percent compliance as possible.

Types of documents Cannabis Compliance Writers produce

For the most part, cannabis and hemp compliance writers are in place to help with very hard-hitting, influential writing. Cannabis compliance writers can assist in developing license applications, company procedures and policies, and more.

As mentioned, accuracy and dodging risks are at the heart of the very competitive license acquisition phase. Keeping a license requires total compliance with local hemp and cannabis protocol.

Cannabis compliance writers should produce company procedures and policies that align with both state and country regulations and internal company management. A cannabis compliance writer can also help tighten up the language to prevent breaches in compliance.

How to Choose a Compliance Creator

Choose a cannabis compliance writer with experience. Check out our experienced cannabis legal and compliance writers below or post an assignment on our job board to start collecting bids.

As always, feel free to contact us with questions.


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