Cannabis Content Compliance is a crucial component of any successful hemp marketing strategy. Cannabis and hemp content can either be an incredibly valuable digital asset or a major liability within the cannabis space.


Importantly, CBD businesses must ensure that all content representing the brand is valuable to their target audience without compromising compliance standards. Those who fail to do so risk fines, product confiscation, banking freezes, and more.

Unfortunately, confusion regarding cannabis content compliance continues to challenge many CBD hemp businesses. Conflicting information, inconsistent practices, and inexperienced marketing teams make it difficult to recognize appropriate cannabis content. Fortunately, Cannabis Content’s auditing team can help.

In partnership with Acacia Consulting, Cannabis Content is proud to offer content auditing services. Our partner team will review your web content for content compliance, highlighting potential problem areas for your consideration. Potential content types you can request reviewed include:


Web Content

Customer Reviews

Social Media Posts





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Why Compliance is Important

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies CBD businesses can employ. In fact, some suggest that content marketing can generate an average 3X more leads for 1/3 of the cost of traditional marketing strategies!

Of course, if that content is to be effective, it must also be compliant. To be clear, quality, compliant cannabis content can help build brand credibility, reinforce product accuracy, protect business assets, and help avoid fines and product confiscation. As such, any hemp company that engages in any type of content marketing strategy should always ensure that all of their marketing assets are compliant and accurate regardless of what’s trending.

Additionally, regular content audits can help ensure that stay on top of trending practices and evolving regulations. This is especially important for those with extensive content libraries, though anyone with a web presence can benefit from regular content reviews.

Ensure Cannabis Content Compliance

There are many things to consider when producing and reviewing cannabis content for compliance. To begin, brands must always avoid claims, especially those that suggest that cannabinoids benefit diagnosable conditions or related symptoms. Importantly, terms like “anxiety” or “arthritis” are red flags to auditors, as are phrases like “pain relief” and “improved sleep.”

The reason is that these claims suggest that cannabinoids (often CBD) exert medical benefits, which the FDA has not approved. In fact, there is currently only one FDA-approved CBD-based medication which took many years and many millions of dollars to accomplish. No other product on the market can make these claims about cannabinoids.

Bearing this in mind, all content, including User-Generated Content like product reviews, must comply with this crucial content compliance standard. As such, companies must always review their content and adjust all marketing assets as necessary.

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