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There is so much money to be made in the cannabis space, much of which you can earn at home when you become a certified cannabis writer!


Earn great money on your schedule, talk about what you love, and carve your niche in the cannabis space. We'll show you how!

Who Hires Cannabis Writers?

Cannabis, hemp, and CBD companies (and those that directly serve them) need content to promote their products and brands. They generally use this content to attract website visitors through social media, email marketing campaigns, and Search Engine Optimization, or SEO


Notably, many cannabis business owners and marketing agencies don't have the time to produce all of their content all of the time. Instead, companies often outsource content creation to freelancers who specialize in these areas.


However, the cannabis industry is unique. Freelance writers must not only understand the basics of content marketing, but they must also be able to produce content that complies with the FDA's cannabis, hemp, and CBD standards. 


Certified Cannabis Writers are incredibly valuable to businesses in the industry. When you become a certified cannabis writer, you will have tangible proof of your knowledge in these critical areas. You can consequently charge more for your services, and find clients easier given your expertise in this growing niche.

How to Find Cannabis Writing Clients

You probably want to become a certified cannabis writer to sell your services. So, the next obvious question becomes how to find cannabis writing clients?.

Don't worry, though! We can help.

Just join our platform to find clients and sell your services through our website. Once certified, you'll gain dashboard access where you can set up your profile, message clients, submit content, and collect payment.

We also offer incentives for our monthly top-sellers like social shout-outs and featured writer status. We'll bring you the work -- you accept and produce it.

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