Many freelancers have difficulty determining how much to charge clients. This is especially true in artistic fields such as writing, photography and graphic design. While each of these is a skill, they are also a part of you. How do you determine your worth as a creative? Do you know how much to charge for creative work? It can’t be done on an hourly basis, nor should it be. The first question you need to ask yourself is “What do I bring to the table?”

Skill Level

Each skill level you mastered requires revisiting what you charge. This is because as you learn and practice your art, the more you can offer your clients. What is your skill level?


  • Has never worked with clients
  • Has no portfolio


  • Has a small portfolio
  • Has worked with professionals for experience
  • Has done small projects unsupervised


  • Has sold numerous pieces
  • Has years of experience
  • Can provide references and an extensive portfolio


  • All the skills of the Intermediate
  • Has a specialty area that has been carefully honed

Now that you have determined where your skill level puts you, take the time to see what others in your field charge for projects. Ask yourself how much experience they have and what all they offer to clients. Take time to get a wide range of samples of those with your experience level. This will give you both an upper and a lower level. When it comes to how much to charge for creative work, you aren’t trying to underprice the competition. What you need to do is determine what you can offer clients that they don’t. Your worth is determined by how much the client benefits from what you provide.

A Basic Guideline to Charging Clients for Creative Work

When determining how much to charge for creative work, every type of project  will have its own pricing, but here are the price ranges you can expect for the type of work you will most often be doing:

Graphic/Website designers  

  • Beginners: 20 to 30 dollars a page
  • Intermediate: 30 to 50 dollars per page
  • Experienced: 50 to 100 dollars per page
  • Expert: 100 dollars plus per page


  • Beginner: 25 to 50 dollars per photo
  • Intermediate: 50 to 100 dollars per photo
  • Experienced: 100 to 200 dollars per photo
  • Expert: 250 to a thousand dollars per photo


  • Beginner: 3 to 5 cents per word
  • Intermediate: 5 to 8 cents cents per word
  • Experienced: 8 to 15 cents per word
  • Expert: 15 to 50 cents per word or more

Go back to the figures you gathered earlier. Ask yourself where your skill level falls within the range of prices you determined? Are you able to offer clients a little more than most and can you show them that? If so, start your pricing near the upper end. If, however, you aren’t yet ready to offer that little extra, keep your pricing near the middle until you can offer more.

Every year, go back and re-examine your worth. Add in the experience and skills you have gained over that time and adjust your pricing accordingly.


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