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5 Best Marijuana Strains For Anxiety

5 Best Marijuana Strains For Anxiety

These will help calm the mind, not make you overthink

Why Strains Matter

Cannabis and anxiety is a relationship that can be good and bad. Finding the right balance in different strains can be difficult, but you can learn what is better for your anxiety vs. what hurts more. It can be hard sometimes to ingest cannabis, not knowing what kind of high you will have, but these strains can help.

People who have anxiety need to stay away from some strains of marijuana. Otherwise, those stains may put them into a bad headspace. The same is true for some people when they drink. Being aware of your own brain chemistry and understanding why some strains are better than others is critical. Some types of cannabis can be harmful to people with anxiety, and learning what will help or hurt your anxiety is very important. Nobody wants to end up with a bad high, and the way to avoid that is knowing what does and does not work for you.


  1. ACDC

This strain is actually CBD-dominant; it is excellent for me because it mellows me out. I find that too much THC to CBD can lead to feelings of anxiousness for me.

This stain is fantastic when you want to be high but want to make sure you are not getting into a negative headspace. This strain is also more on the Sativa side which is nice because it can be quite uplifting.

“Too much THC can trigger more anxiety, and CBD tends to balance the excess THC to produce calm.”

Hello MD

This is a crucial piece of information to know. If you are ever too high, it is good to have some high CBD strains to help mellow yourself out. There is a point where you feel that you cannot control your thoughts and need something to quiet them. That is where CBD comes; It is the medicine needed to balance out too much THC.


  1. Granddaddy Purple

This is a superior Indica-dominate strain that allows you to fully relax. Indica strains tend to be best for anxiety overall. They have more of an effect on your body. The way to remember is Indica in-da-couch. It relaxes your body which is excellent for people with anxiety who have a hard time relaxing. Indica’s do not affect your mind the same way that Sativa’s do. Sativa’s can overstimulate it, whereas Indica’s are quieting it.

  1. Jack Herer

This is a THC-dominant strain that genuinely can bring peace to an anxious mind. This strain is one that I get when I am really having a nervous week. This strain can change your headspace entirely and bring you peace.

“Jack Herer is as strong at defeating anxiety as the man it was named after fighting against cannabis prohibition. This Sativa dominant strain offers a creative and focused buzz.”

Hello MD


This is an excellent strain for people who want to have a more creative headspace but not start overthinking how some Sativa strains can cause.

  1. Remedy

This is a CBD-dominant strain that does so much to calm your mind. It is excellent when you have racing thoughts at night.

CBD really helps calm your mind. It only takes a few puffs, but it allows me to feel so much better and makes sure that you do not go into the negative headspace that high THC strains bring.

“Individuals who received CBD treatment for anxiety or depression reportedly experienced improvements in their ability to perform daily functions and reduce pain and anxiety or depression symptoms.”

Medical News Today


CBD is very different from its THC counterpart. It can be so beneficial if you know what it does and how it affects you personally. It can really save you if you consume too much THC and need something to help pull you back.

  1. Jillybean

This is a strain that is THC-dominant. This strain is a bit more of an energizing one and is also uplifting. An uplifting strain can be great for people with anxiety. It can be a great day strain when you need to think creatively. It also has a calming effect, which is excellent for exhaling the tension out of your body. It has a way of just letting your mind wander but on the right things, not the bad.

THC, CBD, Sativa, and Indica

The strains that will hurt more are high in Sativa and low in CBD. That does not mean that people with anxiety can only smoke Indica’s, though. Sativa’s high in CBD is there to help uplift our spirits and bring us into ourselves. Understanding the differences between strains is vital, so you will know how they will affect you.

CBD strains are always great to have on hand. If you suffer from anxiety, there will be times when you go over your THC limit. Having CBD there to help balance the THC is really important to not entering a bad headspace.

Indica strains are so great when you need to relax and just feel like you cannot. That there is a rubber band just waiting to be snapped, and there is so much tension that you need to relax. Indica’s will allow your body to melt into where ever you are sitting and finally feel at peace from your loud mind.

Sativa strains are the most dangerous for people with anxiety, and it reacts badly. All Sativa high strains can cause your mind to start wandering, and for some, that can be a bad thing if you are consuming cannabis to quiet your mind. However, if you combine a Sativa strain and a high CBD strain, you have the right mix for anxiety.

Learning what strains work best for you and your own limits is vital to being a responsible cannabis user. You do not want to end up lost in your own thoughts, beating yourself up about something, not able to stop thinking about it.

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