Post Excerpt Massive corruption within the DEA has been building since the Nixon administration declared the War on Drugs. Now, after over 50 years, the War on Drugs continues to command a billion dollar budget to eradicate marijuana alone. Prisons are actively being kept at capacity to support the private prison corporations. Politicians receive large contributions in return for votes to keep the drug laws harsh. Will freedom as we once knew ever return to America. Speculation has suggested that the war is so embedded in our society, that to dismantle it would have an adverse effect on the economy.
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Big Daddy K

Big Daddy K was a cannabis enthusiast back in the 70's. Married for 41 years, Big Daddy and his spouse took a 25 year hiatus while their two children were growing up. As it turned out, little Big Daddy introduced cannabis cultivation to his Pop. Big Daddy K became a genuine cannabis aficionado. As one 30 year career was ending, the cannabis industry enabled another to begin. Although Big Daddy K was born in Colorado, he began cultivating in Florida. Following an unexpected visit from the DEA and their cronies in 2008, he returned to Colorado. Big Daddy K was in Lakewood, Colorado during the early days of marijuana legalilization. "It seems very odd to tell the story of how we used to take our precious harvest directly out to legal retailers for medical marijuana. They would observe it and if standards were met, pay us on the spot." Times have changed. In 2015, Big Daddy K shut the growing down and returned to Florida to assist his daughter, which is a single parent, get through her last few years of school at University of Florida. While in Florida, the possibility of legal medical marijuana was looming with the guarantee of the amendment being placed on the ballot in 2016. Amendment 2 passed but has evolved to be something very different from Colorado. "Our daughter graduates in the spring of 2018. Our grand daughter will begin her sophomore year of high school and is driving. We're calling our mission to Florida complete and returning to Colorado." During the time in Florida, Big Daddy K wrote a number of Blogs for Although many of the blogs are politically infused, they were written during a period leading up to and including the 2017 Florida legislative session which included establishing the guidelines for the recently passed amendment 2. (Medical marijuana) "When I write, I often end up in places I never imagined. When I began doing blogs and stories on the politics of Florida regarding amendment 2, I became consumed. It is a tangled web of political lies and deception and it's difficult to think that Florida will ever have a legitimate legal marijuana program like the people voted for." Now, Big Daddy K enjoys human interest pieces. "There's always stories behind the story that often never gets told."


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