Medical cannabis writers and creatives help promote medicinal cannabis products and services by developing content geared toward the health-conscious consumer. Our health experts dig deep beneath headlines to create the most accurate, up-to-date cannabis health information available. They understand the importance of source credibility and use it to build thought-provoking, accurate cannabis health and wellness articles, images, and infographics.

Furthermore, our professional writers and creators understand the legality behind medicinal marijuana and hemp markets. They know not to make health claims or suggest that products and services will “fix,” “heal,” or “cure” anything. Instead, they phrase content in such a way that displays the science and thought processes of leading experts, not the company for which they work. In doing, our medicinal cannabis writers and creatives produce no liability concerns for our customers. Content that is compliant with local and national cannabis law does not put companies at risk for FDA intervention while still offering valuable information to a target group of readers and website visitors.


Targeting Cannabis Health and Wellness Content

There is a particular demographic that seeks cannabis products for their health and wellness benefits. It is essential to create content that targets their precise needs and concerns to resonate deeply with these individuals. In doing, companies can attract and retain the very people most likely to make a purchase and become long-term returning visitors.

There are many reasons to develop targeted cannabis health content: to provide value to readers, to establish authority, to increase web traffic and boost SEO, and to build brand awareness. Furthermore, targeted content is an effective way to attract leads and boost conversions during every stage of the buyer journey. Whether the goal is to raise product or service awareness, to promote brand consideration, or to solidify decision-making, targeted health and wellness cannabis content is always a valuable business investment.


Why Work With Medical Cannabis Writers and Creatives

The cannabis industry faces incredible scrutiny — more so than most other sectors, for sure! When hiring a cannabis wellness writer, it is crucial to find someone familiar with industry regulations and expectations. Generalists may not fully understand the scope of cannabis industry regulations and may, therefore, develop content that goes against industry guidelines.

By hiring a professional, cannabis-specific health and wellness writer, photographer, or graphic designer, companies can ensure that the content they receive will be not only accurate but legally compliant, as well. After all, a content investment is only as good as the quality of the words and images produced.


Choosing Your Cannabis Health and Wellness Creator

Cannabis Content is proud of the writers and creatives we have withing with us. Our medical cannabis writers and creatives are knowledgable, passionate, and articulate, and are eager to produce content that industry professionals find valuable, as well.

Check out our list of medical cannabis writers and creatives below and message your favorites from their profile page to hire them to work for you. Can’t decide? Register as a customer to place assignments on our job board for free. Qualified creatives will bid on projects so you can find the most qualified creatives to work within your budget and skillset.

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