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High Quality Dab Rigs

In this document, I give a detailed explanation of what a high quality dab rig is, and I give 3 good reviews on 3 different fairly priced dab rigs. It also comes with images that link directly to sites they can purchase these dab rigs from.

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Live Resin Extraction is Saving Terpenes

The Synergy created by the magnificent elements of cannabis as they come together in our body, results in a combined effect greater than any effect a singular effort could possibly have. More commonly referred to as the entourage effect, it suggests that cannabis from a medical perspective, is most effective when the whole plant is consumed, therefore combining cannabinoids and terpenes. Although cannabinoids have received the most attention, cannabis contains hundreds of terpenes. Medical scientists believe they may contribute significantly to the medicinal properties of cannabis. We’ve known about their presence for decades, but it’s only recently awareness of their potential medicinal and therapeutic properties has begun to expand.

Massive Roots of the DEA Must be Eradicated

Massive corruption within the DEA has been building since the Nixon administration declared the War on Drugs. Now, after over 50 years, the War on Drugs continues to command a billion dollar budget to eradicate marijuana alone. Prisons are actively being kept at capacity to support the private prison corporations. Politicians receive large contributions in return for votes to keep the drug laws harsh. Will freedom as we once knew ever return to America. Speculation has suggested that the war is so embedded in our society, that to dismantle it would have an adverse effect on the economy.

Get to Know Two Cannabinoids That Make Marijuana a Powerful Plant

Learn more about THC and CBD and their medicinal benefits.

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Why Choosing a Vape Store Online is Proving its Benefits

In this technological age, more people are choosing to shop online than in traditional, brick-and-mortar stores. This is especially true of the vaping community, which tends to consist primarily of young men (though women are quickly catching up).

According to the National Retail Federation, the number of shoppers choosing online purchases has finally outpaced in-store shoppers as of last holiday season. The most common reason cited for such a move is to avoid Black Friday crowds, but that’s certainly not the only benefit to shopping online.

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