Working from home seems like a dream job, yet those who work from home testify that it isn’t as glamorous as most make it out to be. Let’s take a look at some tips that will keep you productive, healthy and happy while working from home.

Stick to a Schedule

Though it is tempting to let each day evolve into its own unique experience, it is best to adhere to a schedule. Get up around the same time each day. Work until a specified break or lunch period then hop right into the next project just like you would at a normal job. Don’t work excessively just because you feel a bit guilty about working at home. Set an end time for your day’s work and honor it.

Don’t Work in Your Pajamas!

Rolling out of bed and hopping onto the computer to start your day’s work is a mistake. Develop a morning routine that includes breakfast, changing into daytime clothing and brushing your teeth. Changing out of your pajamas will help you take work seriously and perform at your best.

Work in a Designated Space

You can boost your productivity by pinpointing a specific space to complete your work. Whether it is an at-home office, a study or even the dining room table, picking a specific place to do your work will get you into a routine that keeps you focused and productive.

Get rid of Those Distractions!

Though it is difficult to put the smartphone away, it is imperative that you do so. Turn down or turn off music, talk radio, e-mail and all other stimuli that can steer your attention away from your work. Eliminate these distractions and you’ll find that your productivity goes through the roof. Work as though you have a boss standing over your shoulder. By replicating the authority present in a traditional work environment you won’t be tempted to procrastinate or produce work of inferior quality.

Be Social

Staying indoors all day to work and then cook, watch TV, surf the web, play video games and take care of the kids is a pitfall. It is imperative that you get out of the house and interact with others. If you don’t have many friends, take up a hobby. If the hobby is solitary in nature, post an ad on the web to meet people with similar interests.

Stay social and you will find it is much easier to avoid depression and feelings of loneliness. Furthermore, being social gets you away from your work environment and allows you to connect with fellow human beings. After all, this whole “life” thing is all about establishing connections with others. A life spent alone is a life that is somewhat wasted.

Stay Away From the Kitchen

One of the worst mistakes stay at home workers make is wandering over to the kitchen several times during the work day. Try to set up your work space far away from the kitchen so you are not tempted to grab snacks or cook meals throughout the day. Stick to specific times for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Stretch Throughout Your Day

Working alone has the potential to harm your health if you don’t remain cognizant of your physical conditioning. Don’t sit in front of the computer screen for hours on end without getting up to stretch, walk around and hydrate. If necessary, set your phone’s alarm to remind you it is time for a stretch/walk break.

Working from home is very liberating — you can set your own hours, decide your own terms and income, and travel as far and as often as you like — but being successful working from home can be a challenge if you lack structure. Use these tips to help you make the most of your time in front of the computer so you can earn your worth and establish yourself as a reliable source of content.

Do you have any work from home tips? Share them in the comment section below.

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