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Not all content is created equal, nor are all contributors. Our lowest priced content will be produced by contributors just breaking into the scene while more moderately-priced content will come from contributors with high levels of experience in various expertise categories. Whatever your budget, you can find a contributor ready to help.

The amount you pay will be agreed upon prior to content completion and will only be paid if you’re satisfied with the content you receive. If you are unhappy, simply send it back to the contributor for up to two revisions or withdraw your document order and send it to another contributor to complete instead.

Maintain All Rights to Your Purchased Content

Every document you purchase is yours. Though it will remain in our database for easy access through your account page, it will never be published online and will be removed from the contributor storefront from which it was purchased. Don’t worry: you can still request modifications at this point by sending it back to your experienced cannabis writer along with a revision request.

Documents will download automatically the moment a purchase is made, and you will maintain access to all purchased downloads through your account page should you need to download again or contact the contributor who produced it.

Earn Points for Purchases

The most successful content marketing strategies involves publishing fresh content regularly. For each dollar spent on the site, you’ll earn points toward future purchases which can help save some major scratch on your marketing budget.


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