Cannabis product page writers and creators speak directly to the curious consumer. They address all points that cannabis and hemp consumers want to understand – and many they haven’t yet considered. Our team of cannabis writers and photographers have a deep passion for the plant, which translates nicely into glowing, adjective-filled product and service reviews.

Unlike cannabis product reviewers, generalist freelancers (those who are outside of the cannabis space) do not understand the intricacies of various cannabis products and strains. They cannot provide the descriptions that consumers need to help differentiate one strain from the next. Cannabis product reviewers, on the other hand, will not only produce the detailed, item-specific reviews that convert leads into buys, but they do so out of a natural passion for the products and services they review.


Product Descriptions that Attract an Audience

Writers and photographers that match a buyer persona will develop product descriptions that speak directly to the issues consumers are most concerned about. They understand which how to promote products because they use and consume those very products. They will focus on the flavors, effects, and overall experience of consumable goods. They can detail the functionality and appeal of different tools the cannabis community can use. And they passionately participate in events and activities related to the cannabis community. Indeed, hiring a cannabis reviewer to write product descriptions is an easy – and affordable – way to stock a website with content that attracts the best leads and converts the most sales.


Why Work With a Cannabis Product Page Creator?

Cannabis product reviewers have both an intimate understanding of the products they are advertising, but the audience to which they are marketing. They understand the terms and the tone that customers can relate to, and speak with ease using terms that consumers understand. Whether marketing to the recreational cannabis community or medical marijuana patients, cannabis product reviewers are dedicated MJ writers and oftentimes, product photographers, as well.


Hiring a Freelance Marijuana Photographer or Graphic Designer

The most important element of an effective product page is the use of clear product images. When you hire a cannabis photographer or graphic designer, you hire experience and passion. Cannabis product photographers will articulate products’ most attractive features and highlight it’s most important qualities with ease. Combining an eye for design with a passion for pot, independent MJ or hemp photographers and graphic designers produce affordable, passion-driven images with customizable or work-for-hire options.


Cannabis Writers and Photographers Produce Great Product Pages

To sell products and services in the cannabis industry, one must cater to the cannabis demographic. Hemp and marijuana writers produce product pages that appeal to the target demographic because they are the target demographic. Cannabis photographers and graphic designers improve the aesthetics of a cannabis business website by focusing on the imagery consumers find most attractive. Indeed, hiring cannabis writers and graphic designers to produce product pages is a great way to increase sales and promote brand engagement.

Check out our list of professional marijuana writers and creatives or contact us to learn how we can help you succeed in your cannabis industry endeavors.

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Cecilia Nieves


My name is Cecilia and I’m a Medical Cannabis / CBD / Hemp copywriter.

I look forward to working with you on your cannabis projects!

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$0.20 per word plus a $70.00 - $250.00 admin fee (research, brainstorming, revisions, proofreading, emails, calls, etc.)
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I have written professionally since 2012, working for two content sites and several private clients. I have written an estimated five thousand pieces ranging from blog posts to product descriptions. Over the past seven years, I’ve helped dozens of clients in the cannabis industry and personal finance areas create[…]

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0.05 - 0.20 per word
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Isabella DeChard

Focused on health and wellness, product and strain profiles, cannabis culture and growing techniques, I strive to educate and provide beneficial information for cannabis blogs and companies. In the past two years of writing, I have grown as a passionate cannabis content writer. I’m motivated to break the[…]

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Peter is an excellent writer who has been in the field for over 10 years. He crafts well-researched and informative texts for blog posts, product descriptions, and general SEO-optimized content.
Peter has a superior understanding of plagiarism and grammar rules; hence, he goes out of his way to ensure plagiarism-[…]

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$50 per article (negotiable)
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Health & Wellness

O Mahony

A teacher-turned-writer I have eight years experience in the freelance writing field. I write sales and marketing materials for a range of industries including Health and Wellness, EdTech, Environment, Agriculture, and the Cannabis industry. My work has been published on blogs promoting Pokerstars, ProWriting Aid, medical clinics and ghostwritten[…]

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