Tips to Improve Sentence Structure and Readability

You don’t have to be an English major to excel in your writing career, you just have to know how to put together words, sentences and paragraphs in a way that the average reader will appreciate. Though much of this will depend on the creativity and thought process of the writer, there are some basic steps you can take to ensure your cannabis articles and blogs are well received by both clients and their readers.

Get to the Point

People have a short attention span — around six seconds on average to be exact. While a blog post with pictures and videos will help maintain someone’s attention, you may need to rely only on words. How do you do this? Keep your sentences and paragraphs short so that everything is easy to follow.

Breaking points into sections using sub-headers is another great way to improve readability because it allows readers to skim the content for the information they seek. Rather than producing a piece of content with long, drawn-out sentences and paragraphs, keep sentences and paragraphs short, and introduce them with keyword-rich sub-headers.

Avoid Fluff

Unnecessary words are often referred to as “fluff” because they serve no purpose other than to make an article appear longer and more informative than it really is. But readers can see through this and will often abandon an article mid-read if they feel their time is being wasted on excessive verbiage. You can easily improve the quality of your writing (and its ultimate worth in the eyes of clients) by assuring every word has value.

Use Keywords Naturally

Clients will often request the use of keywords or phrases to help their content rank well on any given topic, but search engines are becoming more intelligent — they can tell if keywords have been “stuffed” into an unnatural location within a document. Avoid a ding in search engine ratings by using keywords and phrases naturally throughout the document especially in titles, sub-headers and tags.

Stay on Topic

Always focus on one topic. Ideally every blog post will focus on a single topic. If you want to cover multiple topics in a single post, keep every paragraph or subsection focused on one topic so it is easy to follow and understand.

Be Conversational

You’re not writing a text book so keep jargon and technical language to a minimum. Instead, write as if you’re talking to a friend — be genuine, specific, insightful and over-all conversational (and maybe even drop in a bit of humor when possible, too). This will make your content easier to understand and will make the client seem more personable to their target audience.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Your first draft could be drab or it could be amazing, but no matter its initial condition, it can always be better after an edit or two. Go back through your work and eliminate and excess words, rephrase lengthy sentences and clarify obscure points. Don’t forget to include links to sources you’ve used so readers can do their own research, too.

Writing web content can be intimidating at first, but once you learn the basic formula for creating strong content, your work will flow smoothly and readers will come back for more. To make the most of your writing career, practice these tips for improving sentence structure and readability every time you write something new.

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