If you aren’t exactly sure what sort of cannabis-oriented article you should compose, don’t fret. Though you might feel as though just about every angle of this industry has been covered, the truth is that there is plenty of unexplored territory in the context of cannabis publications. Let’s take a look at how you can conjure up an interesting cannabis-related topic that will generate considerable interest.

Let Others Inspire You

One of the best ways to come up with a captivating cannabis article is to conduct a web search. Type “cannabis” or a related term into a search engine, click the “news” tab and take a look at all the stories that pop up. You will undoubtedly find an interesting angle that you can spin into your own unique content. Alternatively, check out some online message boards related to marijuana. Oftentimes, cannabis enthusiasts will log onto these Internet forums and post some interesting takes, tidbits and other material that will inspire you to craft an intriguing article.

Another excellent way to obtain inspiration for your cannabis-oriented articles is to follow the marijuana industry’s influencers and authority figures on social media. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or another social media platform, you will undoubtedly pinpoint some intriguing news, opinions or statistics that will serve as the basis of your article. Be sure to check out our Facebook page on a regular basis. We’re constantly rolling out new article pitches and cannabis-based content for writers, cannabis enthusiasts and others.

Change Things Up

If you find it difficult to come up with subject matter for your next cannabis article, break out of your routine. Get away from the screen for half an hour. Take a walk outside. Or, hop in the shower. For some, shooting hoops for 20 minutes will move their mind in a different direction. The key is to alter your environment and activities. These changes will alter your thought patterns and possibly lead you to an idea for your new piece.

Consult With a Friend

Those who write about cannabis tend to have a social circle or at least a few friends who are interested in dabbing, traditional marijuana smoking or cannabis edibles. If you find yourself in a mental rut and can’t come up with any interesting article ideas, do not hesitate to reach out to a friend for inspiration. Sometimes, a quick phone call, text or meeting over coffee will move your mind to an interesting angle or subject for your next article.

Ask your friends and/or colleagues what they think of the recent changes to the marijuana industry and culture. Find out if they have been using any new cannabis-related products. Maybe someone in your social circle has a unique opinion, prediction or concern regarding the state of the industry or its future. Even a seemingly minor comment or question could stimulate your mind and lead to the formulation of a new article topic. Still not enough? Spark up a conversation with fellow contributors on our contributor chat. You may be surprised at the number of topics that can come up during casual conversations with fellow cannaseaurs.

Visual Inspiration

Some people find inspiration when looking at pictures. Take a moment to conduct an image search on the web for “cannabis”, “marijuana” or a related term. Scroll through the pictures and write down the thoughts that pop into your head. Once you’ve scrolled through the images and jotted down your thoughts, spend some time considering whether any of your notes can be spun into unique content. It is even possible that one of the first few images generated by your web search serves as inspiration for your article.


We know that inspiration can be hard to come by. When you don’t have a client telling you what to write, you’re left to your own devices which can be difficult when there are so many cute cat videos jockying for your attention. Fortunately, there are a few easy tricks you can do to conjure inspiration for your next cannabis publication. What’s your favorite?

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