Sharon Secor
A well experienced writer, I’ve covered a wide variety of topics for a broad range of publications, writing services and private clients, making efficient, accurate research skills essential. In recent years, I've written for Money's Edge, a publication focusing on financial technologies, Absolute Wealth, How To Invest Your Money and the Family Protection Association, a survivalist/preparedness web site expanding into finance, health and related topics. My primary freelance topics have included global and national economics, politics, business, mortgage and lending, real estate, personal finance, wealth management, investing, natural health, food, nutrition, fitness and alternative medicine. I've also written numerous articles on child development, parenting, family, relationships, religion, psychology, travel, renewable energy and sustainable, self-sufficient living. Under The Influence: The Disinformation Guide To Drugs, a book published in 2004, includes my work, as does the 2005 Underground: The Disinformation Guide To Ancient Civilizations, Astonishing Archaeology and Hidden History. I also have done copy writing and content work, including automotive and legal content, for various content providers and writing services. I've done product descriptions for automotive parts, jewelry and nutritional supplements. I'm well experienced with SEO and key word article writing. I've worked for Kevin Flynn, founder of Content Writers and Articles, Steve Lawrence, of Neostead Internet Marketing, and Robert Hayes , writing for his writing service, DocRocket, and his news service, Blogger News Network.
My Rates:
10 cents per word

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