Congratulations! You’re officially part of our community of cannabis creatives. We’re excited to help you sell your unique cannabis content to businesses who need your talent. We’ll help you learn what to sell, how to create it, how to optimize it and how to promote it through our weekly newsletter. But first, setting up your store.

Contributor Store Set-Up

Once you’ve been approved as a contributor, you can login to gain access to your dashboard where you can update profile information, add products, track sales and more. Here’s an easy explanation of the dashboard tabs to help you get started.Dashboard Home: This is where you’ll find your store link recent product comments. You can respond directly to comments from this tab.

Products: Here you will find a list of all products you have listed, both pending and live, along with basic details of each product and the ability to edit as necessary.

Add Product: The “Add Product” tab is where you’ll add new content to the site and earn 70 percent of its the sales. Please note, each document can only be sold once to help our clients maintain authority on their web pages. After a document is sold, it will be archived so the buyer can continue to download it but no one else will. When adding a new product, don’t forget to include a copy of your document to the document body as well as an uploaded downloadable file for the client to purchase.

Earnings: This is where you’ll track commissions and pay-outs of each sold product. Revoked commission (selling plagiarized content, for example) will also be found here.

Orders: Every time someone purchases one of your products, it will be listed in the orders tab. This will help you track which types of content are most popular, which clients love your work and, of course, what products you should be paid for.

Profile: Update your profile information from the profile tab. Please refrain from providing personal contact information as all correspondences should occur within the site.

Sharing Your Store

Though customers will have access to your products from our site, we recommend sharing your store page across social media sites as well via feeds and comments. You’ll find a link to your vendor store page from your dashboard home.

Helping the Right Companies Find You

There are people out there looking for the exact type of content you are producing (and they’re not necessarily friends and family). Fortunately, there are specific things you can do to ensure the right customers find you. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Categorize your products: What is your product generally about? Is your article about hemp? Photo of an awesome nug? Help businesses in need of your product find your content by categorizing it appropriately. Customers will find your categorized work by narrowing their search with a drop-down menu.
  • Add tags: Tags are more specific and include popular keywords and phrases like “strain reviews”, “rolling a joint” or “cooking with marijuana”. These will help businesses find your work using the search bar.
  • Develop awesome titles: If you want your product to be considered for purchase, spend time developing strong, engaging titles. Check out this article by Wordstream for some great title-developing tips.
  • Attach attractive images: Some of you will be selling articles, some images and some both. Either way, an attractive image is much more likely to be opened than a title and basic summary only. For this reason, we suggest attaching (copyright-free) images to all content. You can find free images through sites like Creative Commons, but you may have more luck attaching unique photos from other vendors on our site. If you choose this option, we will offer clients the option of purchasing the document either with or without the image, or give them the option to purchase the image alone. This will not only increase the likelihood of your content being opened, but will help other contributors move their product, too.
  • Produce quality work constantly: Your content is more than a product for purchase. Let your work speak for you by showcasing all your amazing talent. Your contributor page is both a storefront and a portfolio so make sure it shines!

Cannabis reform is sweeping the nation. This is an excellent time to get into the industry and now you can – no matter what the legality of cannabis in your state – by selling your creative cannabis content online. So mark your calendars, folks. Today is the first day of your amazing journey in the canna-biz.


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