Plenty of musicians, artists and inventors have credited cannabis for their creativity. Cannabis really does promote creativity as it stimulates creative thinking, also known as “divergent thinking”. Let’s dig into the nuances of this phenomenon to help readers understand exactly how and why cannabis expands one’s mental horizons, inspiring creative thought as well as creative action.

The Effect of Cannabis on the Mind

Ask anyone who has used cannabis about his thought patterns after indulging in the sweet green and he will testify that the plant enables the connection of ideas that once seemed unrelated. Many will claim that cannabis empowered them to feel mentally liberated as the plant mutes their “internal critic”. As a result, thinking patterns are freed up to digress across previously unexplored territory. This type of adventurous and unpredictable thinking results in highly creative thoughts and actions.

After all, nearly everyone is somewhat critical of their thought processes and ideas. Wouldn’t it be nice to unleash your thoughts without the ever-critical internal “thought police” putting a damper on your creativity? Give cannabis a try and you just might wrestle free from these rigid mental constraints.

Consider Your Mindset

All too often, people who sit down and attempt to create something end up quitting within a half an hour or less. This premature exit is usually the result of an improper mindset. Creative thinking involves shifting one’s perspective, challenging routine thoughts and developing the will to test out new ideas. Yet altering one’s mindset toward these aims is easier said than done for most individuals.

Enter cannabis. This amazing plant can rapidly change one’s thinking patterns towards creative ends. Engage in cannabis use and you will likely enjoy dynamic thought patterns. Think of cannabis as the kindling wood for your mind’s fire.

The Science Behind Cannabis and Creativity

Indulge in cannabis through smoking, vaporizing on ingestion by way of edibles and your brain activity will change. Marijuana allows the brain to release dopamine, a neurochemical that induces euphoria. This release lowers one’s inhibitions and silences his “inner-editor”. Cannabis also boosts the capacity for wonder, awe and imagination as cannabinoids prevent the gaps that typically occur between thoughts. The result is the ability to amplify your imagination and conjure up creative ideas. These emerging thought patterns are highly unique and result in the types of extraordinary notions that completely sober individuals struggle to develop. This is why so many people are adamant that cannabis is the key to breaking free from the usual “everyday thinking” that the average person endures.

Most people do not engage in divergent thinking for several different reasons. For one, their thought patterns rarely deviate from one day to the next. Secondly, plenty of people have latent creative abilities yet have not yet figured out how to tap into these strengths. If everyone were to give marijuana a try, our society would undoubtedly become more creative, lively and dynamic.

Cannabis for Content Creation

Individuals tasked with the creation of content relating to cannabis will find that ideas flow much more freely after enjoying marijuana. As noted above, cannabis catalyzes one’s creative abilities.

Furthermore, using cannabis to kick-start the creation of cannabis-related content will provide you with an inside edge that others lack. Would a hermit serve as an excellent travel writer?  Would a fast food addict be capable of writing an in-depth cook book? Of course not. This is precisely why cannabis users are often the industry’s best writers. First-hand experience with this wondrous plant really does make a difference in the quality of your writing as well as the depth of your perspective.

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